How the 'Future Man' Ending Sets Up Season 2

Will Josh Futterman be back for Season 2?


Hulu’s Future Man features a hapless young gamer pulled into a time-traveling adventure to prevent the apocalypse alongside two battle-hardened warriors from the future. Along the way, the team has their fair share of cocaine benders and blinding firefights, with intelligent, crass jokes you might expect from the team that delivered Sausage Party. But will we get a second season, and what could that look like?

Spoilers follow for Future Man Season 1.

While there’s no official word on whether or not Future Man might get a second season, the show’s creators Ariel Shaffer and Kyle Hunter have expressed interest in continuing the time-traveling saga of Josh Fetterman. In a conversation with Inverse, the pair praised their collaboration with Hulu, with Shaffer saying, “We got to be as silly as possible, and hopefully we get to do a lot more of that.”

“There was never an idea that was floated by that they deemed too crazy or anything like that,” Shaffer said. “They just kind of allowed us to do whatever weird, crazy stories we wanted. In that sense it was pretty awesome.” Hunter added, “If anything they liked our weirder ideas like doing meth or exploding heads.”

But what weird ideas might come in Season 2? We can’t be sure, but here’s where things left off at the end of Season 1:

Tiger and Wolf take a few gunshots before making their escape.


Wolf Is Severely Wounded and Might Even Be Dead

In an epic final battle against a small army of Biotics, Wolf and Tiger both take a few laser blasts to their bodies. They’re both in rough shape, especially Wolf after they get hit by a grenade full of the DMC toxin that killed all their comrades in their original timeline.

Things look pretty dire for the pair, until …

Eliza Coupe is Tiger in 'Future Man'.


Tiger Is Outed as a Biotic and Brings Wolf Back to the Future

In the final scene we see of Tiger and Wolf, she’s trying to carry Wolf to safety when the toxic grenade bursts near them. In theory, they should both be dead in seconds.

But as the already wounded Wolf starts choking, Tiger realizes that she has no problems inhaling the smoke. The show’s done a thorough job of establishing Biotics are immune to any and all toxins — something that Owl remind us mere minutes of screentime before this scene. So does this mean that she’s been one of them all along? It could explain why she naturally became the powerful, capable leader among the resistance.

Once Tiger gets her bearings over the realization, she activates the TTD (time travel device) and they both travel back to a future they probably won’t recognize.

In Kronish's last moments, he reveals he wasn't such a bad guy after all.


## Kronish Is Dead and the Research Is Destroyed

Mission accomplished for the season, right? Maybe.

Josh Futterman steps up to kill Dr. Kronish in the top-floor lab only for Kronish to inject himself with the Biotic vaccination. Instead of purifying his biology, it actually kills him. Under other circumstances, his research might have gone to someone else that would continue his work to still cause the apocalypse, but Josh made sure that the entire facility went up in flames.

Presumably, Future Man’s mission is successful, but as we learned in the final attempt to prevent the future in the past, sometimes the future still finds a way to exist.

Jon Daly as Owl in 'Future Man'.


The “Merm” From the Future Might Survive in 2017

In every future timeline, Wolf and Tiger’s comrade Owl is trapped in a “necrochamber” that implants a “merm” into his brain. According to Wolf, the slug from the future “eats its way through your brain, lobe by lobe.” In the Season 1 finale, Owl has a really intense orgasm, which Wolf explains is a result of the merm eating its way through his amygdala (“the brain’s clit.”). Owl pretty much loses his mind as a result but is still able to assist Josh in his final escape.

But the easily forgettable moment happens unseen by Josh: Down in the basement, the merm crawls out of Owl’s ear as Josh makes his escape before the place blows up.

Did the worm burn up with the rest of the building? Probably. But what if it didn’t? Cockroaches are virtually indestructible, so if we get to see a Season 2, it’d be wild if the merm survived long enough to create an entirely different dark version of the future.

Detective Skarsgaard (Robert Craighead) finally gave up on his grudge after all those years.


Detective Vincent Skarsgaard Found Peace in the Arms of Widow Santiago

One of Future Man’s most persistent bits was brought about by Tiger and Wolf killing an obscure rookie policeman, Officer Santiago. For the ensuing decades, his surviving partner Detective Vincent Skarsgaard (Robert Craighead) pursued the team through time — but he did it the old-fashioned way.

As an old man, Skarsgaard was considered insane by pretty much everyone. People laughed at him behind his back and to his face, despite him being correct. In a final conversation with Josh, Skarsgaard reveals that after raving about the poor “widow Santiago” after all this time, he actually came to find love with her.

Joosh, what have you done?


Josh Faces Life In Prison

Josh — or I guess we really should just call him Joosh at this point? — was caught fleeing from the explosion of Kronish Labs while Tiger and Wolf made off with the TTD. Stuck in a version of 2017 he doesn’t recognize, Josh faces life in prison for an act of domestic terrorism.

Impressively enough, the pitiable janitor and gamer we met at the beginning of the show grew into a genuine Savior after all. He rose to the occasion and was proud of his actions. Good for you Josh, but there might be something more interesting in store for the future of Future Man.

Someone From the Future Breaks Josh Out of Jail

On the plus side of Josh’s permanent incarceration, in Season 1’s very last moment, we hear the unmistakable sound of the TTD crackling, which probably means that someone from the future is coming back for him.

Who could it be if not Tiger and Wolf, ready to whisk him away on some Season 2 adventures.

Future Man’s first 13-episode season is currently streaming only on Hulu.