LG V40 ThinQ: Rumors Reveal Next-Level Camera Features and Capabilities

Get ready for a penta camera set up.

Instagram influencers and selfie specialists might want to look into the upcoming LG V40 ThinQ because it might take the crispest photos of this year’s phone releases.

The soon-to-be-launched handset will pack five cameras in total, three on the back panel and two in its front-facing notch. The rear trio will be made up of a standard lens, a “super wide-angle” lens, and telephoto zoom lenses while the front sensors will house standard and wide-angle sensors. This quintet of cameras enable vast, scenic shots of nature and spacious selfies that’ll easily fit a whole group of people without having them cram next to each other.

Smartphone photographers won’t have to wait long to try out these features. LG has scheduled a press event for October 3 in New York City, where it’s expected to debut the new picture-centric smartphone. The company teased that the V40 would come with five cameras, but has yet to state what each would do exactly. These details were leaked on Sunday evening by mobile insider Evan Blass, who tweeted promotional images of each of the smartphone’s lenses on Monday.

The leaks did not included specific specs for each of the lenses, but it bolstered rumors that the V40 will ship with an iPhone X-style notch. This top bezel seems to be a trend amongst other smartphone releases this year, the Motorola One Power launched with one and Google’s Pixel 3 XL has been rumored to come with a notch as well.

LG V40 ThinQ: How Is It Different From the V30S ThinQ?

LG released the V30S ThinQ in February, touting more storage space, processing power and A.I. powered camera features. The hefty 6-inch OLED smartphone came only with three cameras — two rear and one front-facing — so the V40 could seriously up its photo capabilities.

The V40 has been rumored to come with a 6.4-inch OLED display and it will likely ship with camera upgrades as well. The V30S came with a 16-megapixel standard camera, 13MP wide-angle, and 5MP front camera so expect some incremental upgrades to each along with the additional two lenses.

The V30S came with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor. Since the 845 is now found in LG’s recently released G7 ThinQ, it also seems likely that the V40 will also house the chip. This will make for faster computing and stronger photo editing features akin to Apple’s Portrait Mode.

This phone will be primarily geared towards the photo geeks of the internet according to what the rumors have said and what we expect.

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