‘Smash Ultimate’ Leaks: 10 More Characters Revealed by Alleged Insider

Shadow the Hedgehog? Vault Boy?!?

Nintendo’s already announced a handful of new characters for the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster since revealing the game back in June, but if a recent leak is any indication, the reveals could start coming fast and furious pretty soon.

According to one alleged insider who claims to have access to the upcoming Prima Games guide for Smash Bros. Ultimate, there are still 10 more characters yet to be announced.

According to this Smash Bros. Ultimate leak, Nintendo is far from finished announcing new characters, and since they’re all allegedly mentioned in the guide it’s unlikely any of these are planned as post-release downloadable content. So if this leak is accurate (and that’s a big if) then you can expect Nintendo to announce all these additions to the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster before the game drops on December 7 — unless it’s saving some as a surprise.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the leaked Smash Bros. Ulltimate characters, ranked (unscientifically) from most to least likely.

Ken in 'Smash Bros. Ultimate'???

Comic Book

Ken (Echo)

The Street Fighter character has been showing up in *Smash Bros. Ultimate leaks and rumors for a while now. There’s even an allegedly leaked image of him in the game. Making Ken an Echo fighter based off Ryu would also be a relatively easy way to expand the roster and give Capcom fans another fighter to root for.


The Pokémon Company


Another popular rumor, this Fire-type cat Pokémon is the final evolution of Pokémon Sun and Moon starter Litten. The latest games in the Pokémon franchise are bound to get some sort of shoutout in Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Incineroar seems as good an option as any.

Dixie Kong

After bringing Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze to the Switch, it seems likely that another DK character could be joining the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. Dixie is as good a choice as any, with her own unique style and attacks that could translate well into a brand new fighter.


Hailing from the SNES classic Super Mario RPG, Geno is a possessed puppet — don’t worry, he’s one of the good guys. This roster addition also lines up with rumors that a Square Enix character could be joining the fight since the Final Fantasy developer also teamed up with Nintendo to create this game.




There’ve been plenty of leaks and speculation that Nintendo could add a Minecraft character to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, and Steve is as good an option as any. As one of the starting character skins to choose from he’s instantly recognizable, and bringing Minecraft mechanics into the Smash universe sounds like a lot of fun too.

Vault Boy

Bethesda Softworks

Vault Boy

Another third-party roster rumor, the Fallout series mascot would be an unexpected addition to the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster — but that doesn’t mean it’s out of the question entirely. We already know that Fallout developer Bethesda has talked to Nintendo about Smash Bros. Ultimate, and with Fallout 76 launching soon this seems like the obvious choice. Plus, using all those retro-future weapons from Fallout against Mario and Link sounds awesome.

Shadow (Echo)

Adding Shadow the Hedgehog to Smash Bros. Ultimate as a close-copy of Sonic seems like an obvious win for both Nintendo and Sega, but I’m not convinced it will happen. Nintendo’s never given Sonic much love, and adding him to the roster Smash Bros. Brawl felt like more of a victory lap over long-time rival Sega than a partnership. Then again, anything’s possible.

Mach Rider

The star of the NES racing game (also called Mach Rider) would make an interesting addition to Smash Bros. Ultimate, but it feels like a longshot. There’s also the fact that most modern gamers probably don’t know who this guy is, though fans of the original title would probably love to see Mach Racer cruise into the fighting game’s roster.

Black Knight (Echo)

This Fire Emblem fighter is already a trophy in the Smash universe, so it’s not impossible. He’s also pretty different from the rest of the Fire Emblem lineup, which would be a refreshing change from all the lightweight sword wielders. Then again, there’s already too many Fire Emblem fighters in Smash, and it’s also unclear who the Black Knight would be an echo of.

Black Shadow (Echo)

Another trophy character potentially waiting in the wings, Black Shadow from F-Zero would presumably be an echo of Captain Falcon with a slightly altered moveset. Then again, Nintendo hasn’t given its classic racing series much attention for a while now, and unless we’re also getting a new entry in the long-defunct franchise it seems unlikely we’ll see Black Shadow join this fight anytime soon.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches December 7 for Nintendo Switch.

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