'Smash Ultimate' Leaks May Have Revealed the Final New Characters

Is 'Minecraft' joining the 'Smash Bros.' universe?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is still a few months away, but we may already know the full character lineup. Recent leaks suggest there are just two remaining spots in the roster, and we probably have a pretty good idea who will fill them. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Smash Bros. Ultimate roster leaks, and whether you should trust them.

Smash Ultimate Leaks: Just two more spots?

Nintendo recently announced plans for a Smash-themed Switch bundle, and leaked images of the box have already surfaced online. Interestingly, one side of that box shows the art for exactly 36 Ultimate characters, and the order they appear in could be pretty revealing.

EventHubs points out that the list skips to number 10 in the official order Nintendo previously revealed, starting with Luigi and showing seven more fighters in direct succession before jumping to numbers 28 through 36. This pattern of switching on and off in small clusters continues with the exception of Corrin, leading most fans to assume it’s just a random list. However, EventHubs concludes that based on the pattern there and believes that there are just two remaining spots in the Ultimate roster. Check out the full theory here.

This all feels like a bit of a stretch, but if we do assume it’s true it helps frame some of the latest rumors coming out of the Smash universe. So let’s take a look at some of the remaining characters that could occupy those highly coveted (alleged) last two spots in the roster.

Ken in 'Smash Bros. Ultimate'???

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Smash Ultimate Leaks: Ken from Street Fighter

One recent rumor that’s been gaining traction suggests that Capcom could add another fighter to Smash Bros. Ultimate, likely an echo fighter modeled after Ryu. In that case, the safest bet is Ken, and a recent leak seems to confirm that speculation.

An alleged leaked screenshot making the rounds online shows Ken posing alongside confirmed Smash Bros. Ultimate characters Ivysaur, Pichu, and Pac-Man. However, if you look closely you’ll notice a few issues here, including the fact that Ken’s right foot appears to be sinking into the stage. It’s possible this could just be an early version of the game with a few bugs, but it could just as easily be a fake. So treat those Ken rumors with a grain of salt for now.



Smash Ultimate Leaks: Minecraft joins the fight?

Another popular rumor is that Minecraft will make some sort of appearance in Smash Bros. Ultimate. It’s unclear exactly what that might look like, but according to expert leaker DasVergeben, it could be either a new character or just a Minecraft-themed stage.

Assuming it is a fresh fighter the safe bet is likely Steve, one of several default characters in the game. Then again, based on everything we know, we wouldn’t bet on it.


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Smash Ultimate Leaks: Please let it be Incineroar

This rumor has been bouncing around for a bit, and the basic gist is that Nintendo is bound to include some new Pokémon from the latest games, Pokémon Sun and Moon. There’s been plenty of speculation as to who it will be, but according to DasVergeben the most likely option is Incineroar.

The final evolution of fan-favorite starter Litten would make a great addition to Smash Bros. Ultimate, but beyond this one leak we haven’t seen much to confirm it. So try not to get too excited for now.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches December 7 on Nintendo Switch. Email the author with tips, rumors, and Smash Bros. opinions: jake@inverse.com.

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