Apple Watch Series 4 Demand Is Through the Roof: Here's How to Get One

The smartwatch is ballooning in popularity.

Apple has steered the Apple Watch Series 4 into the consumer health market in a move that’s got consumers drooling enough for the tech giant to line up a second supplier.

So far, rumbles from the company’s supply chain have already indicated that the main manufacturer for the device, Taiwan-based Quanta Computer, is cranking out Series 4s as fast as it can, but it still might not be enough. The shortfall is big enough that Apple was forced to tap a second assembler, Compal Electronics, to begin producing Series 4 models ahead of the holiday season, reported Digitimes on Thursday.

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The Taiwanese manufacturer will begin mass production in early November to keep up with what has been anticipated to be record-breaking influx of orders in the coming months. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the anywhere from 18 million to 19.5 million Series 4 watches will be shipped in 2018, reported MacRumors. That could be 1.5 million more units than the 18 million Series 3 smartwatches that shipped only a few months after its September 2017 release.

Apple Watch on display.

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Apple’s wearables business reported explosive results during its third-quarter earnings call this year. Luca Maestri, the company’s SVP, stated that products like the Series 3 watch and AirPods accounted for more than $10 billion of revenue over the span of four quarters. New Apple Watch features like a built-in electrocardiogram technology and fall detection could be drivers to continued growth.

Apple Watch Series 4: How to Buy One Now

The fact that Apple had to begin using a second producer suggests it might be having trouble keeping up with demand. While the Series 4 has not currently sold out, there could be a spike in demand once holiday season comes around. If you were thinking about picking one up or gifting one to someone, now might be the perfect time.

Head to Apple’s online store to browse through all the options. The most basic variant, with just GPS capabilities, starts at $399 but this can vary greatly depending on the band, material, size, and if you want LTE support. A 44-millimeter stainless steel case Series 4 with a Milanese loop and cellular features can run you $849.

Follow the prompts to check out and select if you want to get it delivered or pick it up at your local Apple store. At the time of writing, deliveries are estimated to arrive anywhere between October 25 or November 1 making picking up your purchase much quicker.

Consumers don’t have to buy the Series 4 straight from Apple either. Retailers like Best Buy and Target have the device in stock, so you have options as the gift-giving season approaches.

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