How to Get the iPhone XS Max on Pre-Order if You Slept Through Your Alarm

Breathe. You'll be fine. 

Smartphone enthusiasts across the country set their alarms to ungodly hours to be amongst the first to get in their pre-orders for its gargantuan iPhone XS Max. If you succumbed to the urge to hit snooze, that means you’ll have to wait until early October to get the premium smartphone that’s starting at $1,099.

The tech giant’s website states that deliveries of the phablet will no longer be made on the scheduled September 21 release date, but will be available “1-2 weeks”afterward, putting the new arrival date somewhere between September 28 and October 5.

If you’re itching to get your hands on the 6.5-inch OLED handset, you should get those pre-orders in stat. Units are still available, but the most high-end versions of Apple releases have a history of being swiped up quickly. The iPhone X sold out in minutes leaving ravenous smartphone fanatics to look elsewhere.

That isn’t the case this time around, but if you’ve made up your mind about picking up an XS Max, you better get going if history is any indication of how long the supplies will last.

It's not too late to place pre-orders through Apple's site. 

iPhone XS Max Pre-Order: Apple’s Website Is Still Stocked

As of 2 p.m. Eastern on Friday Apple was still taking pre-orders, albeit with delayed shipping times. Click the blue “Pre-Order” button on top right-hand corner of the company’s website to select what carrier, color, and capacity you want.

A faster option would be to opt for in-store pick up on the order page. Simply enter your ZIP code under the “Capacity” tab before you check out to check which of your local Apple stores will be carrying the newly announced device.

This will reserve a unit, but you’ll still have to line up at the brick and mortar Apple store if you want to pick it up on release day. Lines have been known to get pretty wild, with die-hard fans waiting in 40-degree weather, rain or shine. So if you’re going to pick it up yourself, make sure you pre-order. You don’t want to wait in line for hours and wind up with nothing to show for it.

iPhone XS Max Pre-Order: Your Carrier

The giant-screened iPhone is also available for pre-order at the four mobile carriers supported by Apple. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are all currently offering the iPhone XS Max. So keep these sites handy just in case Apple sells out.

iPhone XS Max Pre-Order: Tech Retailers

Retailers like Best Buy and Target are also on their pre-order game. The latter is also offering a trade-in deal for Sprint customers that want to turn in their older iPhones for credit on your next bill.

As for now, users still have time to buy straight from Apple. But that can all change the closer we get to September 21.

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