'Fortnite' Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Locations in Basements: Map and Video Guide

Solve this "puzzle" with our guide.

The very last week of Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 challenges are here, and for Week 10, players have to solve a puzzle — or at least find a bunch of jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Week 10 challenges in Fortnite were released Thursday morning at 9 a.m., and perhaps the most fun challenge has players “search jigsaw puzzle pieces in basements.” This one’s just like previous challenges involving gnomes, rubber duckies, or even letters — there are many locations on the map that contain puzzle pieces, but players only need to get seven of them to complete the challenge. In this case, every puzzle piece will be located in some kind of basement, and it does seem like almost every basement on the map has one.

Here’s a map of every known puzzle piece location so far:

Here are the many known locations for the Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces in 'Fortnite' for the Week 10 Challenge in Season 5.

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Much like similar challenges, the Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces come with an audio cue that sounds like some kind of rattle, and because it has an omnidirectional proximity trigger, players will hear the cue even if they’re a floor above the piece. Each piece appears to be a slightly different shade of blue-white.

For more specific instructions about the locations above, refer to these notes:

  • Snobby Shores — Go to the second northernmost house that has a basketball court in the backyard, and head down to the basement. (Also note that Snobby Shores has an ATK parked just northeast of this house.)
  • South of Snobby Shores — Look for the house with a wooden bulkhead basement door on the northern side of the house.
  • Greasy Grove — Go into the Durr Burger kitchen and take the stairs down to the basement.
  • South of Greasy Grove — This puzzle piece is in one of those rare basements part of a shabby wooden structure.
  • West of Shifty Shafts — There’s a cluster of two houses, and the southernmost house has a Jigsaw Puzzle Piece in the basement with a green screen and camera.
  • Salty Springs — The large white house has a Jigsaw Puzzle Piece in its basement.
  • West of Retail Row — There’s also one just west of Retail Row in a house.
  • East Pleasant Park — On the eastern side of Pleasant Park, it’s in the house with the bulkhead basement doors.
  • West Pleasant Park — Another house in western-central Pleasant Park has a piece in the basement.
  • Northeast of Tomato Temple — East of the road leading north from Tomato Temple, there’s a house with bulkhead doors that go down into a basement with a puzzle piece.
  • Risky Reels — Supposedly, Risky Reels has several basements, each with a puzzle piece inside it.
  • East of Risky Reels — In this cluster of two houses, the easternmost house has a basement accessible via bulkhead doors.

Outlined in the video above, one efficient method is to land in Snobby Shores and loot the house, including the basement puzzle piece. There’s an ATK nearby that players can drive directly south to another location, then east to Greasy Grove, then south to another location, and so on and so forth. I was able to get four puzzle pieces in a single Solo match, but players might find more success if they enter some kind of 50v50 LTM match. If players do use some kind of vehicle to help, don’t forget to do some tricks along the way for yet another Season 5 challenge.

According to the Season 5 Battle Pass, Season 5 should end on September 24, 2018 with Season 6 following soon thereafter, so there’s only so much time left to complete this and other Challenges.

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