'Fortnite' Gnomes Locations, Map: Where to Find 7 Hungry Gnomes in Week 8

There are TONS of them out there.

Garden Gnomes are back in Fortnite: Battle Royale, except this time around, not only are they hidden, but they’re also “hungry.” Here’s what you need to know to find seven of them and solve the Week 8 challenge.

New Challenges for Season 4, Week 8 rolled out on Thursday morning at 4 a.m. Eastern. In addition to typical Challenges like “Search Between a Bear, a Crater, and a Refrigerator Shipment” or opening chests in Salty Springs, there’s also the triumphant return of Gnomes.

Players need to “Search Hungry Gnomes” for this new Week 8 Challenge, and even though they only need to find seven across the map, there are more than enough available. This challenge is remarkably similar to the Challenge from Week 3 that had players search for Rubber Duckies, and nearly identical to Season 3’s hunt for Hidden Gnomes.

One helpful hint is that because they’re “Hungry,” these Gnomes can all be found in kitchens or near some kind of food stand or truck. Makes sense, right?

Here’s a map with most of the locations:

Here's the location of what might be every Hungry Gnome for the 'Fortnite: Battle Royale' Week 8 Challenge.

Epic Games

If that’s not enough, here are some more specific directions as to where players can find the Hungry Gnomes:

  • Indoor Soccer Field — This indoor soccer field you probably visited for the soccer goals in previous weeks (and potentially for the “dance in front of cameras” Challenge) has a Gnome in the Taco Stand.
  • Greasy Grove — In the basement of Greasy Grove’s large burger joint, there’s a Gnome on the western side.
  • Tilted Towers — The very middle of Tilted Towers has a small food station, and that’s where you’ll find this Gnome in the corner next to some coolers full of drinks.
  • Pleasant Park — This Gnome is in a gas station near food on the northeast corner of the town, right in the corner wedged in between two shelves.
  • “Little Flush” — This unnamed location between Flush Factory and Fatal Fields has a Gnome next to a sink in the northwest of the area.
  • Lucky Landing — There’s a refrigerator in a kitchen in southern Lucky Landing, and next to it is a Hungry Gnome.
  • Retail Row — In northeast area of Retail Row, you can find a Gnome in the northwest corner of the grocery store.
  • Salty Springs — In northeastern Salty Springs, there’s a Gnome near a chest spawn in the gas station located there.
  • Gas Station South of Retail Row — There’s a gas station in between Retail Row and Moisty Mire, just south of Week 8’s “Search Between” location, where a Gnome sits behind the cashier’s station.
  • Tomato Town — In the main building of Tomato Town (with a big tomato on top), there’s a Hungry Gnome behind a counter, near a Chest and Vending Machine spawn.
  • Risky Reels — The eastern side of Risky Reels has a Gnome.

There could be even more locations out there, so be sure to keep an eye out if you’re near any sort of food vendor. Like most Challenges of this kind, also listen for the audio cue. Whereas the Rubber Duckies let out a wailing squeak, gnomes have a fiendish cackle. You’ll know it when you hear it.

Because these locations are so spread out, players can’t go wrong starting just about anywhere. The Soccer Stadium is probably the most efficient route, as players can work their way south and east from there. Alternatively, if players want to go for other Challenges at the same time, they can land at the gas station south of Retail Row to also pick up the “Search between” Challenge for Week 8.

You’ve only got a few weeks left to complete this Challenge, because Season 4 is slated to end on or around July 9.

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