‘Fortnite’ Rubber Duckies Challenge Guide: Where to Find Them on the Map

It's Hidden Gnomes meets Cameras in Week 3.

The previously leaked Week 3 Challenges for Fortnite: Battle Royale proved true, and the weirdest new Challenge in Season 4 sends players hunting across the map for “Rubber Duckies.”

Week 3 officially kicked off after the weekly reset occurred at 4 a.m. Eastern on Tuesday morning, and the seven new Challenges also include a new Salty Springs Treasure Map hunt. But the Rubber Duckies hunt might be the most interesting one this season. Much like with Season 3’s “Hidden Gnome” hunt, the map has a lot more Rubber Duckies available than you’ll actually need for the Challenge. Whenever you get close enough to one, you’ll get a squeaky audio cue not unlike the Gnomes’ cackle or even the shimmering sound of Chests.

Predictably, many of the Rubber Duckies tend to float in or near some body of water. The marshes of Moisty Mire hide two of them, and there’s a Ducky at the north and south end of the river that cuts through the map, along with where it hits Loot Lake and a couple of bridges along the way. Here’s a full map of all the locations:

Notice that the Rubber Duckies in 'Fortnite' tend to sit in or near water.

Epic Games

Thankfully, as with many Challenges, you don’t have to find all of 10 in a single match (especially with the count being so high, that would be impossible). Much like with Week 2’s Camera Challenge, the best general strategy in any given match is to start on the outside and work your way in. Depending on the starting trajectory of your Battle Bus, you might have to try different routes. For one route that I ran in the video at the top of this article, I started north of Moisty Mire and worked my way northeast from there, getting another Ducky in Retail Row before dying near a third.

Starting at the very edge of the map at the river and working your way inland along the water is a solid option, but pretty much any of the above locations where two Duckies are close together is worth it. Chances are you probably won’t get more than two in a single match anyway unless you get lucky. Regardless, keep your eyes and ears open for the rest of Season 4 just in case you happen to stumble upon one of these Duckies.

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