'A Quiet Place 2' Release Date Confirmed to Show More Apocalypse 

Stay ... quiet.

Everyone’s favorite silent horror movie from 2018, A Quiet Place is officially getting a direct sequel. But shhh, don’t talk too loudly about it.

Paramount Pictures announced Tuesday that the studio would shuffle around its release slate in the coming years, but along with the Top Gun sequel getting pushed back a year, Paramount also solidified a release date for the sequel to A Quiet Place: May 15, 2020.

Deadline announced the news of the date, along with the detail that John Krasinski — who served as the first film’s star, director, and co-writer — is writing the sequel. So he might not return to direct. And considering spoilers his character dies in the first movie, he probably won’t act in the sequel either.

So what will A Quiet Place 2 look like?

Inverse attended a press event in March, at which the first film’s writers, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, implied that any future films set within the same universe might explore what happened at another place in the world. So far, there’s no telling whether or not they’ll be involved in the sequel to their original screenplay.

Chances are high that the sequel could be a lot bigger. A Quiet Place reportedly had a budget of $17 million and earned $332.6 million at the worldwide box office, so Paramount might be willing to invest in a bigger budget to make the sequel even better.

A Quiet Place told a wonderfully potent story with a clean ending, one that didn’t leave room for a direct sequel with the same characters. The film’s producer, Andrew Form, confirmed in June that John Krasinski would be involved in developing the sequel. Considering he was such a key part of the first movie’s success, it comes as no surprise that he’s attached to its sequel in some fashion.

The A Quiet Place sequel will be released on May 15, 2020.

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