'Fortnite' Dusty Divot Treasure Map: Where to Find the Week 7 Battle Star

Players won't have to go far from Dusty Divot.

There’s new treasure for Fortnite: Battle Royale players to find in Week 7 is close to the dead center of the map. So where exactly does the Dusty Divot treasure map lead?

Week 7 Challenges rolled out at 9 a.m. Eastern on Friday morning, a different day than previous weeks following some delays that might’ve been caused by the version 5.30 update. Per usual, an odd-numbered week means there’s a super-easy treasure map Challenge — but it’s only easy if players know where to look.

The actual treasure map found in Dusty Divot depicts one of the giant Moai stone heads with several logs in front of it, and the treasure is located behind the head in between three identical trees. That specific stone head, with its regal mustache, is located just northwest of Dusty Divot. The map indicates the middle point between a cluster of three trees.

Look for the cluster of trees north of the mustachioed stone head.

Epic Games

Here’s an additional visual aid so players know what they’re looking for:

These treasure maps are often very accurate.

Epic Games

Especially if players pursue this Challenge early on in Week 7, there’s going to be lots of foot traffic, making this fairly dangerous. If players do survive after this Challenge long enough to play a full match, also consider that another Week 7 Challenge has players visit four different named locations in a single match.

As such, they’d do well to either head northeast to the brand-new Tomato Temple or southeast to Dusty Divot. Depending on which players choose, Retail Row, Lonely Lodge, Wailing Woods, and Risky Reels are all relatively close together. Unlike the previous variation on this Challenge, players don’t actually have to visit the center of the named locations either, which is a welcome change.

But if players die right after completing the treasure map Challenge, don’t sweat it. Season 5 won’t end until Monday, September 24. So players have about a month left to complete this and other Challenges.

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