'Fornite' Leak: 3 Theories on Rumored "Rift in the Sky" Event on August 21

It's about time something started happening. 

Prior to the start of Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5, there was a lot of activity on the island. From a rocket launch event to signs disappearing, the island was a strange place for the last few weeks of Season 4. Since then, not much has happened, but something big might happen in a matter of weeks.

Data Miner FNBRLeaks tweeted Wednesday a bit of code from the Fortnite: Battle Royale files. In the screenshot, there’s an event listed to start on Aug. 21 with the title “Rift_Shrink.” Players are familiar with the rifts found across the island that transport them into the sky, but there’s also the giant crack in the sky that looks like a rift. There are some theories of what could be happening on that day.

Another Crack by The Visitor

Season 4’s storyline consisted of the villain, called The Visitor, launching a rocket that caused the crack in the sky and sparked all the weird phenomenon since then. Since he’s still around, he may take another crack at launching a rocket again that will close the crack.

A Hero Heals the Rift

Although there is a season villain, there has yet to be a specific hero as a counter. The players aren’t really the protagonist of the storyline, but rather, individuals caught in someone else’s big plan. What might happen is someone comes from the rift, a hero of some sort, to finally heal the crack and return things back to “normal.”

Something Big Is Coming

If the crack in the sky is a big rift, and since rifts transport items, then maybe there’s something big trying to make its way through. Season 5 introduced new objects onto the island, and one more big one could be transported from the rift to make some big changes.

August 21 will be Week 7 for Fortnite: Battle Royale. This is around the time when Epic Games really kicks up the storyline for the season.

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