'Fortnite' v5.1 Update: Slurp Juice and C4 Disabled Due to Glitches

We need our juice!

When the v5.10 ‘Fortnite’ update went live on Tuesday, it was supposed to be a celebration, literally. Included in the update was the Fortnite 1st Birthday content, but the same patch also included two broken items. As a result, Epic Games had to temporarily remove Slurp Juice and C4 from Fortnite.

Epic offered up two tweets on Tuesday after applying the v5.10 update explaining issues regarding C4 Remote Explosives and Slurp Juice. The developer said both items were not working properly, which could be attributed to the new patch. Because of that, it disabled the two pieces of equipment for an unspecified amount of time.

The first to be disabled was the C4 Remote Explosive. Epic tweeted just hours after release the v5.10 update about an issue with the explosive not destroying structures if it first damages a player. It then removed the weapon from Fortnite: Battle Royale. The developer did bring back the explosive later on Tuesday night.

Also after the update, players began sharing a glitch involving the newly revamped Slurp Juice. The glitch allowed players to continuously used the item over and over again allowing some to stay out in the storm without worrying of losing health. Once news of the glitch started circulating, Epic took action Tuesday afternoon and disabled Slurp Juice for an unspecified amount of time.

Epic also had an issue with its birthday celebration content right after the release of the v5.10 update as some players were not receiving the special birthday challenges. The developer was able to address the problem so everyone could access the content when the in-game item shop refreshes at 8 p.m. Eastern Tuesday.

So far, the C4 Remote Explosive re-enabled while Slurp Juice’s return is still unknown.

This week, in particular, is a busy one for Epic. On Wednesday, the developer will bring back its popular Playground mode, release the Week 3 Challenges on Thursday, and over the weekend, it will have its third week of the Summer Skirmish.

Update: As of 12:13 a.m. Eastern, 7/25/2018, this story has been updated to reflect the most current information about the C4 Remote Explosive’s return.

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