'Fortnite' v5.1 Update: New Slurp Juice, P90, Bug Fixes and Birthday Party

Get ready to party on the island. 

Epic Games will patch Fortnite on Tuesday and it will be the game’s first big update since the start of Season 5. The timing of the update couldn’t be better as the day will also start the Fortnite first birthday celebration.

The developer tweeted Monday the v5.1 patch will release Tuesday morning. As the tweet hints, it will be a “party” as in a celebration of the game’s first anniversary. Along with the Fortnite birthday, Epic will also fix multiple issues with the game and add more content.

‘Fortnite’ Birthday Celebration

Epic announced last week it will have a big Fortnite Birthday party starting on July 24. Players who participate in the weeklong celebration will have several challenges to complete in order to acquire special birthday prizes including a new Emoticon, a Happy Birthday! Spray, and a Birthday Cake Back Bling.

The P90

Data miners found proof of a new weapon, the P90, some time ago, but Epic confirmed its upcoming release via an in-game announcement. The P90 is a well-known sub-machine gun in video games due to its unique look, large magazine size, and furiously fast rate of fire. Expect to see this weapon in use when players get into close-quarters combat.

Slurp Juice Changes

The epic consumable is a favorite for Fortnite players. Not only does it recover one’s health during a match, it will also improve their shields, giving two benefits in one item. In the v5.1 update, Slurp Juice will heal even more health and will replenish their shields after their life bar is full.

Bug Fixes

Fortnite Season 5 may have a lot of new content, but there are players unable to access the game for a variety of reasons. From a high ping to the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death,” some players haven’t been able to play the game. Over on the Fortnite Community Issues Trello Board, the developer listed several other problems it will address in the update including bullet collision issues, grenade not properly exploding, and stats not recorded properly. Players will find out Tuesday if all their issues will get fixed with the update.

The Fortnite festivities will start Tuesday morning after the update is applied. Downtime will vary from less than an hour to a couple of hours, depending on the size of the patch.

For players who will have some fun celebrating Fortnite’s first birthday, Wednesday will also see the return of Playground mode for those who want to have their own island to themselves.

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