'Fortnite' Playground LTM: What's New in Returning Mode

Hopefully, it won't be delayed again.

For two weeks, players had a moment of solitude in Fortnite when Playground Limited Mode finally launched after weeks of delays. The mode went away with the start of Fortnite Season 5, but it’s coming back with some new changes.

The official Fortnite Twitter account tweeted Monday the news that Playground LTM will return on July 25. While the mode will come back, there will be a few new options available for players to improve their Fortnite skills as well as develop team strategies with her squad.

When Epic Games made Playground available in early July, company representatives mentioned some additional changes were planned for the mode. Going by the tweet, a few of those updates will be added such as playing against another squad, finding more loot on the island, and make use of all the new stuff from Fortnite Season 5.

Epic originally announced its plan for Playground back in May in a blog post. The original concept was for player’s to have their own island to improve their skills, which for most means getting better at building. When the mode finally came out at the beginning of July, the sentiment from the developer was they were interested to see what players could create on the island, too. Players did just that and created huge structures that could only be done in Playground and not with 99 other players running around.

Playground LTM will return on Wednesday, but Epic will likely add the needed files for the mode in Tuesday’s update. The question after it returns is whether it will be a permanent addition to the game or if it will be, again, for a limited time.

The day after the release of Playground, Thursday, will be the day when a new set of Weekly Challenges will go live. The Week 3 challenges will offer some new tasks for Battle Stars, but once completed, players can also obtain the hidden Road Trip Challenge stars.

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