'Fortnite' Secret Battle Stars: Week 3 and 4 Road Trip Challenge Locations

Two more hidden Battle Stars to find.

New in Fortnite Season 5 are the Road Trip Challenges, which are hidden Battle Stars that players can find once they completed all the challenges for a particular week. Data miners found the first two in the Season 5 update earlier in the month, and two more have been discovered.

Data miner FNLeak tweeted the two new unlockable loading screens for the Road Trip challenges on Monday. These images become available once the seven challenges for the week are completed and contain a clue on where to find a hidden Battle Star. There a seven hidden Battle Stars in total and a special skin will unlock when all are found.

In the Week 3 Road Trip loading screen, the clue is on the license place of the golf cart. It shows “J2 SW” and a Battle Star in the middle. Since the island is split into a grid, this could mean that the secret Battle Star is in the southwest section of grid J-2, which is on the northeast tip of the island, just to the east of Wailing Woods (below).

J-2 on 'Fortnite' grid map


The Week 4 loading screen is a bit more obvious. A Battle Star can be seen against the wall of a pool somewhere in Paradise Palms as evident by the desert scenery. Right where the name of the area is on the map are multiple pools so it will likely be one of these (below).

Pool locations in Paradise Palms


The Week 3 Road Trip Challenge screen will be unlockable once the Weekly Challenges roll out on Thursday. Then next week, the Week 4 screen will go live.

New challenges go live on Thursdays, but Tuesdays are when Epic Games applies the latest update to the game. This Tuesday will have two changes coming in the form of a new weapon, the P90, and a change to Slurp Juice that will make it even better.

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