'Fortnite' Playground Mode: The 7 Craziest Things Players Have Already Done

It's only going to get crazier.

When Epic Games first announced the Playground Limited Time Mode, its focus was to get newer Fortnite players up to speed by essentially giving them a practice mode. It makes sense as it’s hard to become better in a game when continuing dying right away. Still, there is another aspect to the new mode that has become apparent in the less than 24 hours since it became available to all players.

Prior to the release of Playground last week, which was then immediately removed due to errors, an Epic representative posted on the Fortnite subreddit about why the developer was excited to see “the amazing things folks do with this mode.” Within hours, players did create some amazing sights, and here’s just a small selection.

A Jackass-Worthy Creation

Like in the Jackass TV and movies, shopping carts mean fun. One Fortnite player posted on Reddit a creation that Johnny Knoxville would likely appreciate. Although they cited Mario and used music from Super Mario Bros., this stunt has Jackass written all over it.

Tilted Towers Destroyed and Returned

The destruction of Tilted Towers was an ongoing theory in Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 3. Then during the rocket launch on Saturday, the area was almost destroyed. A Twitter user went ahead and demolished Tilted Towers and replaced it with their own buildings.

'Fortnite" Castle in Playground



While the game is called Fortnite since players can quickly construct their own forts, one Reddit user decided to forget the fort and build their own castle.

'Fortnite' Dinosaur


Nature Finds a Way

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is currently out in theaters, and what better way to celebrate than making a dinosaur in Fortnite? However, this dinosaur created by a Reddit user appears to be way bigger than any shown in the movies.

'Fortnite' Llamas


Llamas Go Home

A Fortnite player made an interesting observation. Maybe the llamas are afraid of the portals, but several appear to be running away, albeit very slowly.

'Fortnite' Chicken


Look at the Size of That Chicken

From the eyes to the talons, this one Reddit poster spent a ridiculous amount of time to create a gargantuan chicken. That’s a lot of trees to cut down.

What Everyone Is Thinking

Playground LTM is only available for, as the namesake goes, a limited time. But one user suggested to Epic that this mode should stick around for a while.

Fortnite players who want to practice their skills, or simply get creative, will want to jump on Playground LTM right away before it goes away.

Another benefit of Playground is the option to explore the island without worrying about getting sniped from 200 meters away. This includes the new portals showing up in different locations.

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