3 Hilarious iOS 12 Bugs Most in Need of a Bug Fix With iOS 12 Public Beta 4

Bugs and betas are pretty much synonymous.

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Apple’s soon to be released iOS 12 software update is on its way toward revamping apps new and old, smoothing out notifications, and giving Siri a new set of skills. But the public and developers beta of this upgrade has still given Apple fans its fair share of entertaining glitches and quirks.

This is all par for the course; sometimes even officially released Apple products have rolled out with bug or two. For clues about what Apple’s engineers are currently working on, the iPhone and iPad buffs of Reddit have taken it upon themselves to call out the annoying, but also kind of hilarious, glitches bedeviling the most recent versions of the public and developers beta.

Remember to report any of the bugs you catch in the wild to Apple’s Bug Reporter site to make sure these hitches stay in the beta.

1. iOS 12 Bugs: Transparency Is Trolling

The Control Center is an easily accessible hub to access useful features with a simple swipe, which makes customization key. In the latest update, navigating to the Settings app and then tapping Accessibility and Reduce Transparency was supposed to let users make their Control Center less transparent, but iOS 12 has other plans.

One redditor noticed flipping this setting on does the exact opposite, it actually makes the Control Center more transparent.

Possibly a typo?

2. iOS 12 Bugs: To the Left to the Left

One intriguing update has been iOS 12’s ability to let you stack notifications from the same apps as well as fine-tune how users interact in an attempt to reduce notification spam. But the road toward this noble endeavor has proven bumpy.

Redditors isonerinan and TopEscape had their notifications try to slide off the left side of their screen.

Multiple Reddit-users have noticed that their notifications have taken a cue from Beyoncé and by sliding to the left. We’re all for reducing how much space these banners take up on the lock screen, but this might be a little too far.

3. iOS 12 Bugs: Siri Shortcut Infinite Loop

The true potential of Siri Shortcuts is still only available on the developers beta, so it’s not too surprising that said developers have already found a way to break it. This newly introduced feature is supposed to enable users to customize their own Siri commands, making Apple’s virtual assistant capable of more than ever before.

Redditor IAMTaka_VG noticed you could launch Siri into an infinite loop.


But one redditor posted images suggesting they were able to create a Siri Shortcut to run Siri Shortcuts, creating a Rick Roll-esque infinite loop. Other users commenting in the thread surmised that this could be used to spam people if the shortcut was edited to include an iMessage command.

The full extent of Siri Shortcuts is still not available in the public beta and since this has already gotten called out it’s likely it will be fixed before it’s rolled out to a larger audience. Sorry spammers.

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