New 'Power Rangers' Movie Is a Crossover With Capcom's 'Street Fighter'

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are teaming up with the heroes of Street Fighter, and they’re doing it in live-action.

At San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, nWay and Lionsgate Interactive revealed the trailer for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars — Street Fighter Showdown, a new short film that crosses Hasbro’s Power Rangers with Capcom’s Street Fighter video game series. Yes, it’s real, and the live-action short premieres this fall.

Produced by Bat in the Sun, known for the popular web series Super Power Beat Down, the short film follows ex-Rangers Tommy Oliver (the original Green/White Ranger) and Gia (the Yellow Ranger from 2013’s Power Rangers Megaforce) as they team up with Ryu and Chun-Li to fight M. Bison, who has captured several Power Rangers and is turning them against the heroes.

Both Tommy and Gia are reprised by original actors Jason David Frank and Ciara Hanna, and will be joined by other ex-Power Rangers stars yet to be revealed. Hanna has been teasing Showdown as a mystery project with behind the scenes stills on Instagram for weeks.

The short film, which is being used to promote the popular mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, will feature the debut of the “Ryu Ranger,” a crossover character that was added to the game as a playable avatar in a new update released on the first day of San Diego Comic-Con. Previously, characters from Capcom’s iconic video game franchise were added to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars in May.

Everybody was kung fu fighting. in the Sun

It may not be the actual sequel to 2017’s Power Rangers movie, but who would ever have thought that the Power Rangers would cross fists with M. Bison? And for what it’s worth, Legacy Wars was originally launched as a tie-in game for the movie before becoming its own popular entity.

In addition to Frank reprising his Power Rangers character Tommy Oliver for the second time this year (the first being the trailer for the comic book series Power Rangers: Shattered Grid), Street Fighter Showdown will also have actor/martial artist Peter Jang, who last played Ryu in the “Green Ranger vs. Ryu” episode of Super Power Beat Down in 2014. Frank also played the Valiant character Bloodshot in the 2018 mini-series Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars — Street Fighter Showdown will be released online this fall. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is available now on all mobile platforms.

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