'Power Rangers' Star Jason Frank Appears in 'Shattered Grid' Trailer

Tommy Oliver is back, but he’s not how you remember him. Original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers star Jason David Frank suits up as the evil “Lord Drakkon” in a live-action trailer for Power Rangers: Shattered Grid, the upcoming crossover storyline in BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers comic books.

On Thursday, Jason David Frank uploaded on his YouTube channel the official trailer for Power Rangers: Shattered Grid, a comic book storyline beginning in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue #25 on March 28.

In the trailer, Frank plays the role of Lord Drakkon, a character introduced in the ongoing Power Rangers comic books from Kyle Higgins (DC’s Nightwing), who also directed the trailer. Also in the trailer is new music from Ron Wasserman, who composed the original Mighty Morphin series in 1993.

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For those who haven’t kept up with the Power Rangers comics, Lord Drakkon is a Tommy Oliver from an alternate universe who kept fighting on behalf of Rita Repulsa after his stint as her evil Green Ranger.

As Lord Drakkon, Tommy has the combined powers of the Green and White Rangers, which he will use to wage war with every Power Ranger in history. He also commands an army of soldiers who use various re-appropriated Power Rangers, such as royal guards who look like the Red and Yellow Rangers.

Jason David Frank plays Lord Drakkon, a different version of his Tommy Oliver in the 'Power Rangers' TV show.


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As a celebration of Power Rangers’ 25th anniversary, Shattered Grid is basically Avengers: Infinity War for the Power Rangers universe. In lieu of a sequel to last year’s Power Rangers movie, Shattered Grid is the event longtime fans have been waiting for.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 will be released on March 28.

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