'Fortnite' Absolutely Needs to Include a ‘God of War’ Mode in Season 5

Make it happen Epic Games.

Sony/Epic Games

We’re just a few short days from Fortnite Season 5, and developer Epic Games is doing a pretty impressive job of building hype. That includes in-game events, real world marketing schemes, and regular social media updates to keep our curiosity piqued.

One of the latest updates from Fortnite meant to tease Season 5 might seem pretty inconspicuous, but it has me thinking about another popular video game and the possibility of a cross-over similar to Fortnite’s previous Thanos mode. What if instead of turning into Marvel’s mad titan you could terrorize your opponents as Kratos from God of War?

It might sound crazy but hear me out. First, here’s the tweet in question:

It’s possible that Epic might simply be teasing a new unlockable pickaxe, or even a throwing axe weapon as some fans suggest. Then again, that frosty axe sure does look a lot like Leviathan, the axe Kratos wields in the new God of War. Maybe I’m reaching, but the idea of playing as Kratos is too exciting not to at least consider.

Think about it, just like with Thanos, each game of Fortnite God of War mode would begin with the Leviathan axe hurtling down somewhere on the map. Then whoever got to it first would transform into Kratos, giving you the ability to throw and recall the axe, sprint across the island at insane speeds, and summon Spartan Rage for an extra boost of power. You could even use the Blades of Chaos to attack enemies shooting at you from a distance and pull them in for a takedown.

Of course, this is a bit of a stretch. And, unlike Marvel when Thanos landed in Fortnite just as Infinity War was still in theaters, the makers of God of War don’t exactly have anything to sell at the moment. The game is already a couple months old, and there’s no plans for extra downloadable content.

Still, why not have a little fun and put Kratos in Fortnite to celebrate the start of Season 5. Please, Epic?

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