Elon Musk Reveals Building Models as a Kid Sparked His Electric Car Passion

From hobbyist to mogul. 


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been working overtime to usher in a future where electric cars are commonplace and fossil fuels are nothing but a distant memory. There have been some roadblocks along the way but Musk’s passion to trailblaze clean transportation has been apparent throughout his ventures. On Friday, tech mogul got personal about developing a love for the craft by building toy models and blowing them up as a kid.

On Friday, Musk took to Twitter to respond to an article criticizing his plans to build a transit system under the streets of Chicago. One tweet led to another and soon enough he was wrapped in a conversation with the people of the Internet.

Twitter users asked about his tendency to get his hands dirty at the Tesla factories. CEOs tend to be inundated with meetings and public appearances, but Musk says his love for building things is deep-rooted and started when he was an amateur grease monkey in his youth.

Out of his infatuation with gluing together miniature planes and trains came blossomed an obsession with concocting his own explosives. This helps explain not only SpaceX but the release of The Boring Company’s “Not-a-Flamethrower.”

Luckily he didn’t loose any limbs in the process and turned his hobby into a full-fledged career. Some of his early projects as a student included a homemade radio, a clunky MRI machine, and hard drives full of software.

The Musk of the present has pivoted to big fucking rockets and silent semi-trucks that he hopes will change the way people travel on Earth and in space.

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