'Fortnite' Week 5 Challenges: 5 Easy Ways to Get More Battle Stars

Good luck finding dance partners. 

Thanks to a change by Epic Games, Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Week 5 Challenges went live Thursday, and it’s time to jump in to earn those Battle Stars.

Week 5 Challenges are a little easier than most weeks, but one challenge will require players to be part of a friendly squad or very random acts of kindness from strangers. Aside from that team challenge, this week will be a breeze to get more Battle Stars.

Suppressed SMG in 'Fortnite'


Deal Damage With SMG to Opponents (500) — 5 Stars

Simple enough. SMGs, for the most part, don’t do much damage, but they are some of the easiest weapons to find. Grab one and start doing some damage to the first opponent you see. This challenge can be easily done in one match provided you get an SMG with a little power to it making it quick and easy to take down other players.

Epic Games

Search Seven Chests in Dusty Divot — 5 Stars

The trick with this challenge is that in order to get the chests in Dusty Divot, players need to rush over to the area immediately. Since Season 4 began, this area can see a lot of action early in a match. Head to the center and grab a chest to (hopefully) acquire a weapon to defend yourself, then grab the other chests to complete this challenge in one go. There are plenty of chests in the center of the crater, but others are located in containers on the outer parts of the crater as well as two in the depots that are still standing.

Use a Vending Machine (3) — 5 Stars

This is an easy one. Vending machines are found in most of the major areas on the map. Just make sure when heading to one that you have plenty of wood or other materials to make a purchase.

Follow the Treasure Map Found in Greasy Grove — 10 Stars

Instead of looking for the map, head directly to new evil lair found northeast of Snobby Shores. Located on the side of a mountain, the building that looks like a skull is filled with loot, but the Battle Star is on the “nose” of the building. If you can get dropped off nearby then glide to the nose of the building to get the star or else run over and build a ramp to get up to the right spot. Doing this early in the match makes things easier since other players who are trying to complete the challenge will likely not have weapons to blast you out of the sky.

Lucky Landing is just that in 'Fortnite' — lucky.

Epic Games

Eliminate Three Opponents in Lucky Landings — 10 Stars

As the case with all the challenges that require a certain amount of eliminations in one spot, head to the area right away. Lucky Landings will be filled with players at the beginning of the match so there are plenty of targets to choose from as long as you can find a weapon in time. You can also land near the Lucky Landings and look for a weapon before charging in.

As the case with all the Weekly Challenges, only players who purchased the Season 4 Battle Pass can partake in the acquiring these Battle Stars in order to raise their season level and unlock more in-game cosmetics.

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