'Fortnite' Disco Ball Near Loot Lake: How to Solve the Week 5 Challenge

You'll need a squad to earn these Battle Stars.

After a bit of confusion, Fortnite is back with another week of Battle Pass challenges. Season 4 week 5 comes with some interesting new objectives if you want to earn those Battle Stars and move up through the ranks, and one of the most intriguing of all is the “Dance with others to raise the Disco Ball near Loot Lake” challenge.

The premise of this challenge is pretty simple: get a handful of players together and get your groove on in a specific location. Pulling it off is a little tougher since you’ll have to coordinate with others (that’s especially tougher to play in Solo mode), but the reward of 5 Battle Stars means it’s still worth your time.

The first thing you’ll want to do is start a Squads game. Ideally, you have three friends to play with (you’ll need four people total to complete this challenge). If that’s not an option you can also group up with random players and hope they follow your directions.

Once you jump into a game, head straight to Loot Lake. Specifically, you’ll want to land on the western shore by a big brick house with a slanted roof. Inside the house you should find a large room with four separate dance floors all hooked up to a disco ball in the center.

With one player in each corner, start dancing. If everyone works together the disco ball will rise up (like in Times Square on New Year’s but in reverse). Once it reaches the top you’ll see some confetti and you should get an in-game notification to let you know you’re done. Now just finish out the match by either dying or winning and you’re all set.

One final note before you dive in. Just like with other Fortnite challenges, there’s sure to be a ton of interest in completing this challenge early on. That means the Loot Lake dance floor will probably be a hotspot for the next few days. So heading there now could mean running straight into a firefight.

So if you’re worried about taking on enemies just to earn a few Battle Stars, maybe wait a week or two to tackle this challenge. It’s not going anywhere until season 4 ends on July 9.

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