'Fortnite' Skins: Flytrap And All the Other Cosmetics That Just Leaked

You can finally play basketball in 'Fortnite,' sort of.

Fans of Fortnite have a lot to celebrate. Not only did the game just get its first vehicle (at least if you consider shopping carts to be vehicles), but it looks like there could be a bunch of awesome new skins and other cosmetics right around the corner.

A new leak from Twitter tipster @TwoEpicBuddies reveals a bunch of changes coming to the game, potentially in the next few weeks. The full list so far features six new skins (including a villainous-looking character named Flytrap), along with three new pickaxes, three gliders, two new backbling options, and four fresh emotes.

This information comes from a datamine of the latest Fortnite update, but these things are always subject to change. So don’t get to excited if your favorite leaked skin doesn’t actually make it into the game.

According to Fortnite Insider, the leaked skins and cosmetics are as follows:

New Fornite Skins

Flytrap (Legendary): A plant-based super villain

Venture (Epic): A silver jumpsuit-clad superhero

Scoundrel (Epic): A criminal

Rapscallion (Epic): Another criminal

Jumpshot (Rare): A basketball player

Triple Threat (Rare): Another basketball player

New Fortnite Pickaxes, Backbling, and Gliders

Tendril (Rare): A plant-inspired pickaxe

Slam Dunk (Rare): A basketball hoop pickaxe

Nite Owl (Rare) - A golden owl on a stick used as a pickaxe

Starry Night (Rare): A painting-shaped glider

Hang Time (Epic): A basketball-themed glider

Venus Flyer (Rare) A plant-inspired glider

Burgle Bag (Epic): A backbling bag filled with tools for a burglary

Strongbox (Epic): A backbling safe

New Fortnite Emotes

Finally, four new emotes are coming to the game: basketball, boogie down, laugh, and zippy

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