iPhone SE 2 Rumors: Price, Release Date, Concepts and Apple WWDC 2018

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With Apple’s WWDC only a week away, rumors are flying about a new iPhone. No, it’s not part of the company’s flagship series, but it is a new version of Apple’s more affordable phones.

The iPhone SE 2, or simply the new iPhone SE, will be Apple’s next reasonably priced phone. Leaked info about the device revealed it would have some of Apple’s newer features, but in a smaller and cheaper package.

Render of the iPhone SE 2



From the leaked images, the iPhone SE 2 will have a look similar to the iPhone 5 although it will have a notch like on the iPhone X. It’s also rumored to have either a four-inch screen like the original iPhone SE or possibly a larger six-inch screen. The screen will be the cheaper LCD rather than the more expensive OLED found on the higher-end iPhones. There’s also a good chance that the new phone will be a little thinner.


One of the big questions regarding iPhone SE 2 features is whether it will have Face ID or Touch ID. Face ID seems unlikely as it would add to the price of the phone. Touch ID is the likely choice for security, but the leaked images for the phone shows there is no Touch ID button on the SE 2 like the iPhone X. As for processing, it will use an A10 processor, which was introduced with the iPhone 7. There’s also a possibility it will make use of wireless charging. One feature, or lack thereof, should be no surprise and that’s the exclusion of a headphone jacks, which means more sales of the Apple EarPods.


This is still up in the air. When it was released back in 2016, the original iPhone SE started at $399 with higher prices for more memory. While the new phone will have more features, technology tends to cost less over time so it can stay at the same price especially if Apple wants to keep the phone more affordable.

Release Date

Apple’s WWDC takes place on June 8. If the company announces the new iPhone SE then expect the phone to release shortly after. However, there is word from a Chinese manufacturer that there is currently no new Apple phone in production right now, but according to Tekz24, the SE 2 will be made in India.

Those interested in the new affordable iPhone will have to wait for WWDC to see if Apple makes the announcement.

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