'Attack on Titan' Season 3 Trailer Changes Everything for Eren's Crew

And we get a premiere date.

An insane new trailer for Attack on Titan’s Season 3 released, and with it came a release date this summer. Everything in this crazy world where dumb nude giants eat people is about to change, especially with the reveal of a brand-new kind of villain to this universe. Say hello to Kenny the Ripper.

On Friday, Funimation released an English subtitled trailer for Attack on Titan Season 3 which teases a continuation of the epic story as it adapts the “Uprising” arc in which Erwin Smith leads the core group of heroes in an effort to overthrow the royalty from the manga. Perhaps the most compelling part is the appearance of who seems like a new villain. His name is Kenny Ackerman.

Kenny is the maternal uncle of the fan-favorite and totally badass Captain Levi Ackerman. In a sense, Kenny is part of the reason why Levi is so incredibly skilled as a Titan slayer. He’s basically the Jack the Ripper of Attack on Titan, but he works for the royalty to murder people. And he always gets away with murder.

Kenny is a total creeper in 'Attack on Titan' Season 3.


In Season 3, the crown wants Eren and Historia (formerly Christa) which would give them complete control and power. So Team Eren has to go AWAL, fighting humans and Titans to survival. Remember that Historia is the rightful queen of the kingdom, so what they’ll attempt is a revolution. Kenny is on the opposing side.

Last season ended with Eren discovering a new power that allows him to control Titans, but it left tons of questions about the future of the kingdom. Most pressing: Who is the Beast Titan and how will this multi-sided war evolve over time?

We’ll find out this summer.

Attack on Titan premieres on the NHK network July 22, which means viewers in the states can enjoy it as soon as July 23.