24 Happy 420 Memes and GIFs for Those Observing National Weed Day

The internet knows how to celebrate.

Happy 420

On the dankest of holidays, pot lovers celebrate in a variety of styles. It’s a day for smoking, vaping, and baking, for example. It’s day to espouse the medicinal benefits of the non-psychoactive CBD, while also enjoying the THC. It’s also a day when states consider legalization and businesses consider regulation. And it’s a great day for memes.

There is still some debate as to how the number 420 became synonymous with smoking pot, with most theories surrounding the legacies of artists like Bob Marley and The Grateful Dead. Regardless of its cloudy origins, April 20 has become a holiday in its own right.

Weed continues to be a major focal point for online sales, for medical research, and for progressive policy. Because of this, the holiday collects new traditions each year, but April 20 continues to be a day for great memes. Here are some of this year’s finest, with a few classics, to help ring in the happiest of holidays.

24. We can dive right in, or we can slowly back away to a better place, à la Homer Simpson.

Homer Simpson

23. Ron Swanson takes the holiday seriously.

22. Weed continues to inspire innovation.

Snoop Dog

21. And Snoop is often at the forefront of that innovation.


20. Broad City reminds us of the first time we felt like an adult.

Broad City

19. Don’t act like you’re surprised.


18. Bulbasaur definitely smokes.


17. And the Science Guy could tell you about the effects of the cannabinoids.

Bill Nye

16. The “Stoned Guy” is a 420 tradition.

Stoned guy

15. The “Stoned Guy” has all the answers.

stoned guy

14. Willie Nelson’s skills are what make him iconic.

Willie Nelson

13. Good boy.

420 meme

12. It’s hard to find an image where Willem Dafoe doesn’t look stoned but the internet found a way.

Willem Dafoe

11. The latest weed day memes help characters find their best selves at 4:20.

420 memes

10. Raphael needed to chill.

420 meme

9. Even Sulley celebrates.

Monsters Inc

8. On this highest of holidays, it can be two times at once.

420 meme

7. Vines were always great at capturing life as it happens.

6. The brand was strong with this one.

5. Not the plot twist we want on 420 but we can’t rule it out.

4. There’s a reason why so many people are working from home today.

420 meme

3. Cheech & Chong are here to remind you not to sleep on the classics.

Cheech and Chong

2. Despite all the great memes, pot doesn’t always make you cool. Just ask any John Hughes character.

The Breakfast Club

1. Happy holidaze!

Happy 420