Is THC Lube the Future of Sex Products?

A new generation of cannabis oil-infused lubricant has arrived.

Altitude Products

The explosive popularity of the legalized, recreational-cannabis industry has created new demand for marijuana-focused consumer products. Among the latest weed innovations to hit the market? Sex lubricants.

A new collection of men’s lubricant called Jack, from cannabis startup Altitude Products, just announced its release of the first cannabidiol (CBD) lube on the market. With its tongue-in-cheek branding, the line’s first product is called “Knob Polish” and uses CBD oil derived from the marijuana plant to elevate its users’ intimate experience with therapeutic properties.

Jack was founded by a team of cannabis professionals who infused cannabidiol oil with a water-based personal lubricant to create the company’s latest intimate product. It promises to be “the future of sex products” without the mosh pit smell.

“It won’t make your man larger, thicker or more charming, but you won’t care…,” the company’s website states. “Use a drop or a handful to achieve optimal elevated lubrication and polish away!”

It’s safe to say Knob Polish isn’t your typical drugstore lubricant. At $10 per 2-ounce bottle, it’s definitely a premium product when it comes to the ever-innovating sex toy category.

Krista Whitley, Founder and CEO of Las Vegas-based Altitude, tells Inverse she started the company in late 2015 amid the push to legalize cannabis in Nevada. The company launched with its marijuana-themed The Weekend Box, a subscription box of curated items from the cannabis industry’s most well-known brands. Eventually, Altitude added other subscription products, Whitley says, “with the Jack lube being the latest.”

Knob Polish is Jack's first lubricant product.

Altitude Products

You may be wondering: Why add cannabis oil to an intimate product like lube? The answer is its healing properties.

“What CBD does is act as an anti-inflammatory,” Whitley says, “Our research shows that 30 percent of women experience pain during intercourse, so CBD helps reduce that inflammation.”

She also refers to CBD as “Nature’s baby aspirin,” as it’s been touted to be good for everything from hair growth and skin healing to overall pain relief.

The cannabis entrepreneur says she started the company herself because she was “determined to bring products and design techniques to cannabis and eventually lube products.”

While Jack is mainly marketed as a men’s lubricant line — hence the phallic name “Knob Polish” — the product is meant to be inclusive, with “men, women, non-binary and everyone in between” being encouraged to use it, the company’s site says. Whitley also notes that Altitude boasts a large LGBTQ-identifying customer base, currently making up 30 percent of its consumers.

The lubricant is also a simple way to introduce customers to cannabis products, Whitley says. The company’s main mission is to provide a “positive first regulated cannabis experience” for customers to help grow and unify cannabis industry’s new frontier.

“It’s a really easy way to incorporate new sex toy technology into cannabis enthusiasts’ lives,” Whitley says. “Perhaps they’re not ready to dive into futuristic sex toys like robots or dolls, but a CBD-based wellness product is a good place to start.”