7 Questions for ‘Black Lightning’ Season 2

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After coming out of retirement to save his daughters, it seems Black Lightning is here to stay. During the first batch of episodes viewers saw a family come together with the sole purpose of keeping their city safe. There were bumps in the road, some strife and arguing, but over the course of the season viewers saw each member of the Pierce family work their way to accept the immense responsibility.

Full spoilers follow for the Season 1 finale of Black Lightning: “Shadow of Death: The Book of War”

The finale battle between Black Lightning and the A.S.A.’s Martin Proctor was a dangerous one, but it solidified the Peirce family unit as a team of heroes. Jennifer began to use her powers to fight while Lynn decided to fully get on board. While the Pierce family, along with Gambi, fought Proctor’s soldiers, Tobias Whale went after Proctor. In the end, the secret of the A.S.A.’s experiments in Freeland was revealed to the public, Tobias was claimed the role of criminal king of Freeland and public perception of vigilante Black Lightning vastly improved.

Now, it’s time to get thinking about next season. Here are 7 questions for Season 2?

'Black Lightning'The CW

1. Who are in the pods?

Throughout the season there was talk about the teenagers being taking on the streets in Freeland and put in pods by the A.S.A. Gambi helped them do it years ago and Proctor was spearheading it in the present. In the finale, we learn many of the metahumans in the pods are dying and Lynn leaks their existence to the press in order to save the TK they find when Proctor’s taken down. The question is, who are those metahumans? Are there good guys or bad guys? And, for the comic book lovers, are there any DC Comics characters in them?

'Black Lightning'The CW

2. Will there be new heroes in Season 2?

Speaking of the potential heroes in the pods, will we be getting other DC heroes in Season 2? Jefferson was hesitant at first to have Anissa help, but he did eventually come around. It would be interesting to see how Black Lightning interacts with other heroes. Will he be welcoming like The Flash or try to play sheriff like the early days of Green Arrow? Plus, it’s always great to see comic book characters show up on superhero shows.

'Black Lightning'The CW

3. Is Jennifer Lightning now?

The crisis in the season finale resulted in Jennifer using her powers and getting comfortable with her new reality. She even smiled after slamming Proctor to the ground. Do we consider her Lightning now? Anissa has quite the road during the first season and while Jennifer is yet to suit up she is already using her powers for good.

'Black Lightning'The CW

4. Will the actual A.S.A., or the U.S. government, show up in Freeland?

The big revelation during the finale was that Proctor was not working for the A.S.A. this time. He’d gone rogue and was continuing the organization’s work. The problem is in order to save the metahumans in the pods Lynn told everyone. We saw Henderson give a press conference condemning the government’s actions and praising Black Lightning’s help. That could draw the real A.S.A., or the U.S. government as a whole, to Freeland to deal with metahumans. The potential for experiments and the desire to have human weapons would be back on the table.

'Black Lightning'The CW

5. What was in Proctor’s case?

While the government showing up is a guess, what’s certain is Tobias Whale’s plans for Black Lightning. During the fight with Proctor, Tobias got a brief he really wanted open. In fact, he had someone cut off Proctor’s thumbs in order to get inside the case. We may not know what’s inside, but Whale was happy and confident he could take out Black Lightning with it.

'Black Lightning'The CW

6. What happened to The Outsiders?

Early in Anissa’s journey to Thunder, she met Grace Choi, a name DC Comic fans will recognize. Grace is a comic book character with a strong connection to the Outsiders, a DC Comic team that Thunder’s comic book counterpart is part of. Fans were excited to see that team begin to form, but Anissa went to work with her father and Grace disappeared. Could we see the return of Grace and the start of the Outsiders in Season 2?

'Black Lightning'The CW

7. Will the building of the Lightningverse begin in Season 2?

Throughout the season there has been talk about Arrowverse crossovers and Easter eggs, but the more interesting discussion is a potential Lightningverse. Early on in the show’s run showrunner Salim Akil discussed the potential of the show having its own universe. So, does that begin in Season 2? What does that look like?

We got questions and unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next season to get the answers to them. In the meantime, it’s fan theory time!

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