'Rampage' Makes More Noise Than 'A Quiet Place' to Win Weekend Box Office 

You can't stop The Rock.

Warner Bros

In a heated battle at the box office between aliens with good hearing and giant animals, the winner ended up being The Rock, showing that once again he is capable of bringing people to the theater.

Rampage squeaked by A Quiet Place in its opening weekend to win at the box office as reported by Box Office Mojo. Loosely based on the Eighties arcade game, the film took in $34.5 million, making it number one. A Quiet Place continued to bring in plenty of horror fans as it took in $32.6 million in ticket sales.

Starring Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, Rampage’s destruction-filled action actually has real science in the story. CRISPR, a form of bioengineering, is the source for the super-sized gorilla, wolf, and alligator in the movie, and it’s up to Johnson to save the day. Although the film didn’t do well with critics, as it sits at a 50 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it is still the best-reviewed film adaptation of a video game. Regardless of reviews, The Rock’s star power was enough to take the movie to the top spot at the box office.

A Quiet Place saw a dip in ticket sales, but it’s still riding the wave of praise from critics who gave it a 95 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes with 222 positive reviews. John Krasinski pulled double duty on the film by directing and starring in it with his wife Emily Blunt. Domestically, A Quiet Place is about to break the $100 million mark at $99.6 million and made $151 million worldwide, which is not bad for a movie with a budget of $17 million. Coming in third for the weekend was newly released Truth or Dare with $19 million. Ready Player One continues its decline with $11 million for the weekend, but still crushes it internationally with a worldwide total of $474 million. In fifth place is Blockers with $10 million gross in its second week in theaters.

April 20 will be a weekend for comedy as Super Troopers 2 and Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty open in theaters. Then, on April 27, a little movie called Avengers: Infinity War will premiere.

In promoting Rampage, Johnson opened up about his science education in college, as well as his personal struggle with depression.