The Rock: 'Rampage' Is the Best-Reviewed Video Game Movie. Suck It, 'Doom'

Even The Rock tossed shade at 'Doom'.

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Only Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could see his latest movie get 53 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and respond with earnest pride and unabashed positivity, but not even The Rock’s boundless enthusiasm for life could stop the three-act tragedy that unfolded over Twitter when he hurt Doom’s feelings.

The Rock’s latest bombastic blockbuster full of giant monsters, Rampage, premiered on Friday. Despite telling a largely original story that merely borrows several big monsters from the 1986 arcade game it’s loosely based on, Rampage is still considered a video game film adaptation. The Rotten Tomatoes editorial section keeps close track of such things, but on the day of release, Rampage was tracking as the best-reviewed video game adaptation ever despite only peaking at 53 percent Fresh.

This speaks to how overwhelmingly bad video game adaptations are but also The Rock’s lust for life, because he saw it as a cause for celebration on Twitter while also tossing shade at Doom, the 2005 video game adaptation he also starred in that’s at a measly 19 percent. Inexplicably it was Doom, the excellent 2016 video game reboot, that responded.

Check out this tragedy in three acts on Twitter, which began Friday morning with Rotten Tomatoes pointing out the Rampage score:

The Rock was very proud of the “very cool RAMPAGE news!” and totally called Doom a “stinker.”

DOOM, in classic fashion, had the following minimalist response, which was downright excellent:

Just last month, the new Tomb Raider movie came dangerously close to becoming the best-rated video game movie ever, but has since slid down to 49 percent Rotten under Resident Evil: Vendetta (2017), which was the reigning champion until Dwayne came along with his albino best friend George to smash the competition to bits. It’s a good thing he’s got that ape because The Rock is, apparently, no longer friends with the folks at Doom.

We’ll have to wait and see how Rampage fairs throughout its opening weekend, but so far, it might hold steady as the best video game movie ever.