'Supercon' Trailer Has John Malkovich Stealing from Nerd Conventions

On the same weekend as the biggest nerd movie of the decade, Avengers: Infinity War, hits theaters, a group of washed up TV and sci-fi stars will try to steal from a greedy convention promoter in Supercon, releasing April 27.

On Tuesday, the trailer for the indie comedy Supercon was released online. Not to be confused with the actual Supercon in Florida, Supercon stars Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) as Keith Mahar, an ex-child star from an ‘80s sci-fi show who makes a living signing autographs at conventions. Along with a voice actor, an illustrator (Maggie Grace), and another ‘80s star, (John Malkovich), the group is fired to please the convention’s biggest celebrity, Adam King (Clancy Brown). This compels the rag-tag bunch to steal from them both as payback.

Directed by Zak Knutson, who has a number of credits with Kevin Smith and directed the Marvel special Marvel’s Captain America: 75 Heroic Years, Supercon is a throwback to midnight comedies in the style of Broken Lizard, The Guild, and the Ernest Cline-scripted Fanboys, which followed a group of hardcore Star Wars fans trying to steal a print of Star Wars: Episode I.

You don’t see a lot of movies like Supercon anymore. That’s spite of the fact “geek culture” is truly mainstream pop culture now. Unlike the ‘70s and ‘80s, conventions are now big business… which is what makes the current situation surrounding Stan Lee so depressing. With so much money to be made, of course greedy people will drag a 95-year-old man out of his home to sign comics until he forgets how to spell his name.

'Supercon' (2018)

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Anyway. Supercon looks like fun. If nothing else, it ends with a man falling into a toilet and fecal matter exploding everywhere. Truly, even nerds can laugh at a great poop joke.

Supercon hits theaters on April 27.