This 'Rick and Morty' Theme Song Cover Totally Riggity Wrecks

It's about to get schwifty in here.

Music-lovers at a Funk Fest in Punta Gorda, Florida earlier this month were treated to a real squanchy cover of Rick and Morty’s theme song, and it’s good enough to get you “riggity riggity wrecked, son!”

On Tuesday, music media company Live for Live Music published a video of Cleveland funk band Broccoli Samurai jamming out on stage at Funk Fest Punta Gorda on March 3. In the middle of their set, they broke out into a hyper-accurate rendition of the Rick and Morty theme song that plays during the opening credits of the show, which itself was intended as a fusion of the musical themes from Farscape and Doctor Who.

The cover is totally awesome and a solid continuation of Rick and Morty’s continuously evolving relationship with music. Everyone loves the opening theme song, but the shows had an undeniably influence on music both in Dimension C-137 and in our own.

Just earlier this month Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland did the voices for both characters on Logic’s new mixtape, Bobby Tarantino II.

Rick and Morty have become music superstars in our universe so much so that other bands have started covering them.

Rick and Morty are no strangers to music festivals.

Adult Swim

Remember that Rick and Morty saved Earth once in Season 2’s “Get Schwifty” when a race of planet-sized heads demanded they participate in a music-based reality TV show. Rick’s raunchy-AF song, also called “Get Schwifty,” is all about pooping on the floor.

Apparently, it’s not totally appropriate for a funk festival, even if it has been mashed-up with Childish Gambino’s music with amazing results in the past.

Here’s the original:

Fans also went into a frenzy trying to figure out what song played in the Rick and Morty Season 3 trailer, and a different original song from Season 3 actually made it onto the Billboard Top Rock Songs Chart in September.

Whenever Rick and Morty Season 4 does make its way to television, here’s to hoping that it brings with it plenty of music for us to delight in.

**Rick and Morty Season 4 has no confirmed air date, so you might as well just listen to their track off Logic’s new mixtape: “Grandpa’s Space Ship”

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