'Rick and Morty' Get Hyped for Logic's Mixtape in New Video

Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty get totally schwifty in a new clip featuring the iconic duo, and they do it by raving about their favorite musician just in time for the release of his new mixtape. That’s right: Logic’s Bobby Tarantino II mixtape has officially dropped.

Logic published the Rick and Morty teaser on his YouTube channel Wednesday, and in the clip, titled “Grandpas Spaceship,” the two animated characters sit in Rick’s spaceship in a scene that looks all-too-familiar to fans of the show. The whole thing tease’s Logic’s mixtape that came out Friday.

In the video, Morty humbly asks to pick the music while they ride, to which Rick replies, “That entirely depends on whether or not you have the mental capacity to pick something I would be willing to listen to.” When Morty mentions Logic, Rick splits hairs about the difference between “mixtape Logic” and “album Logic” because they’re totally different, broh. As Rick says, “He’s got a plethora of music that varies from mood to mood.”

So what exactly does “mixtape Logic” mean?

“Just wanna hear some fuckin’ … about titties,” Rick says, “throwin’ stacks on some ass, you know? Just some good old fuckin’ ATL style club rap, Morty.” If you’ve seen the Rick and Morty episode “Get Schwifty,” then you know that Rick Sanchez is very into this style of music, so even though this isn’t really canonical per se, it might as well be.

In this clip, Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland does voice both characters just like on the show, but this clip isn’t officially from Adult Swim. It’s written by Logic himself and animated by Juan Ramirez.

Logic has a long-standing relationship with the Rick and Morty creators, and even had a cameo in Season 3’s “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender.” In that episode, Rick got blackout drunk and set up an elaborate plan to kill the superhero team known as the Vindicators.

His whole scheme ended with a wicked party that included a Logic concert in space, and the real Logic performed for it:

As Rick might say, “You gotta be a fuckin’ idiot if you don’t like Logic.” By the end of Logic’s new Rick and Morty video, Morty convinces Rick to play some new tunes: “Yeah, drop that shit, drop that shit, Morty! Drop that shit in my fucking spaceship, Spaceship!”

Rick and Morty are super hyped for Bobby Tarantino II, so the only question is:

Are you?

Logic’s Bobby Tarantino II is out now, and who the heck knows when Rick and Morty Season 4 might air?

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