New 'Rick and Morty' Comic Gives the Vindicators Their Own 'Infinity War'

The Big Bad is the last person you'd suspect.

Oni Press

In case Rick and Morty’s Vindicators didn’t remind you of the Avengers enough already, the newest comic from Oni Press doubles down and reboots the heroes to launch their own version of Infinity War.

But this one’s all about Infinity Balls and a villain named Boon trying to fill up his Infinity Glove.

Spoilers totally follow for Rick and Morty Presents #1: The Vindicators from Oni Press.

Written by J. Torres and drawn by CJ Cannon Rick and Morty Presents #1: The Vindicators hit shelves on Wednesday, and it shamelessly rips off Infinity War while shoving in a whirlwind assortment of beloved *Rick and Morty characters and references. Somehow, the whole thing works.

Rick and Morty get recruited by what seems like an alternate reality version of the Vindicators. We get a literal comic book reboot of these comic book-style heroes that all died in Rick and Morty Season 3. The premise is about as comic booky as you can get, especially when they’re called the “all-new, all-different Vindicators.”

Morty's still hella excited to see these guys.

Oni Press

The Vindicators are recruiting heroes and warriors from across time and space in an effort to defeat Boon, a former ally that gained the power of the Infinity Balls by grabbing those balls and filling up his glove.

Yes, it’s obvious very quickly that the beloved Noob-Noob has turned evil, which only makes sense considering how well he and Rick get along — and Rick was the last villain they faced.

Boon got his hands on the Infinity Balls.

Oni Press

What ensues is something akin to a Rick and Morty greatest hits with a special emphasis on Season 3.

We obviously get a lot with the Vindicators, but their first visit is to the Mad Maxian wasteland from “Rickmancing the Stone” and their first real recruit is none other than Pickle Rick.

By the end, we get cameos from several different groups that hate Rick, including Seal Team Ricks and the Zigerions, but we also get other cameos from the likes of Tinkles and the beloved Meeseeks. Scary Terry even joins as a new member of the team.

Pickle Rick is as vicious and briny as ever in this 'Rick and Morty' comic.

Oni Press

The whole thing leads to a final confrontation against Boon that’s full of death, just like the real Infinity War should be when it comes out in April.

But because this is Rick and Morty the story itself realizes that none of this matters because even when somebody dies, they can just be brought back again at any time.

So hey, maybe that means we’ll get the Vindicators again sometime in Rick and Morty Season 4?

Need a reminder about who the Vindicators are? Watch this clip:

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