'Sesame Street' 'Stranger Things 2' Parody Has No Justice for Barb

It's still pretty hilarious.

Just when you thought Stranger Things couldn’t get any stranger, Sesame Street gives the series a muppet parody called “Sharing Things,” and things get truly weird.

The short video released last week pokes fun at Stranger Things by replacing all of the characters from the Netflix show with muppets. The result does Stranger Things justice but offers up no justice for poor Muppet Barb.

Oscar the trash-loving Grouch narrates the opening, and we even see a small worm hop out of his trash can. It’s a fun nod to Dustin finding the pollywog in Stranger Things Season 2, and the references keep coming with fun, good-natured twists on the much darker Netflix series. There are waffles, number jokes, some uncannily accurate Muppet versions of characters, and, yes, lots of cookies.

In the video, the Cookie Monster is a knock-off Demogorgon living in “the Snackside Down,” but when he runs out of food on Halloween, he goes to the real world for some candy instead. This “Cookiegorgon” dons a disguise so even the less-anxious Muppet Joyce thinks he’s just a “big kid.” Rather than devouring some humans, the Cookiegorgon instead learns the valuable lesson of sharing while making some new friends in the process.

Not even Muppet Barb gets any justice, but at least she's still alive.

Sesame Workshop

Muppet Barb, who’s tangled up in a bunch of trash in the Snackside Down, just doesn’t want to be forgotten. “Don’t forget me!” she cries.

Fans of good humor and valuable life lessons will appreciate the video most, especially those who love Stranger Things. The Octopus plays the Shadow Monster and the worm called Dirt takes the place of Dustin’s Dart, but the best jokes come from Barb, Eleven, and Eleven’s sister.

All in all, the six-minute video is worth it for the laughs and deep cut references to Stranger Things 2. And because it’s Sesame Street, they just had to make Eleven and her sister a literal 11 and 8, right?

Only in the world of 'Sharing Things' can Eleven be a literal 11.

Sesame Workshop

Stranger Things 2 is available to stream on Netflix.

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