5 "Thor: Ragnarok' Scenes From the Trailers Not in the Movie 

It's great. But a trailer cuts are missing.

In opposition to the first two Thor films, Thor: Ragnarok renders Norse God-Turned-Superhero like he’s a music video star rather than a stale myth. Sure, Ragnarok is a great Marvel film, but it’s also just a great fantasy movie, the kind of movie ‘70s Lord of the Rings fans might have imagined in the purple haze of their college dorm rooms. It’s a movie that doesn’t contradict itself nor the rest of the overly-complicated Marvel Cinematic Universer at all but still feels unwieldy, unpredictable and fresh.

But, if you’ve been watching the excellent trailers for the film, you probably already knew that. Still, there are a few killer scenes from these trailers that actually never appear in the final film. Unlike a movie like Rogue One, there aren’t a shocking number of these scenes, but there are enough to make a hardcore Marvel fan scratch their head.

Here are the five Thor trailer moments that didn’t make it into Ragnarok.

Mild spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok ahead.

Loki Flips His Knives in Slooooow- Motion

Dressed in his badass helmet, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) flips his signature knives to the beat of Led Zepplin. It’s an awesome slow-motion trailer moment. But not only does it not happen in the movie, there’s really not even a comparable scene. This one feels like it’s just cool Hiddleston action filmed for the trailer. In other words, after completing the final cut of the movie, it’s easy to imagine director Taika Waititi saying “oh shit, we don’t have any slow-mo Hiddleston here! I guess we’ll have to stick it in the trailer!”

Thor Channels Obi-Wan With a “Hi There!”

Remember how Obi-Wan Kenobi said “Hello there!” to R2-D2 in the original Star Wars? Thor has a moment kind of like that in the trailers. After arriving on the planet Sakaar he says “Hi there!” But, the scene plays out differently in the movie and Thor isn’t ever in a position to be this cheerful.

Skurge’s Big Gun Moment

In a surprising role, Karl Urban plays the Asgardian named Skurge. In the trailers, there’s a big moment where he fires two Earthling assault rifles. Now, he totally has these weapons in the film and uses them in an epic moment, but the shot doesn’t look the same as this one. The scene occurs in a different context, meaning this trailer shot of Skurge might be an alternate take.

Revengers Line-Up

The most iconic shot from the trailers doesn’t happen in the movie. Sure, it’s no spoiler that Thor, Loki, Hulk, and Valkyrie team-up to briefly become “the Revengers,” but they never stand like this together on Asgard in the final movie. Also, the sky of Asgard looks completely different around the time this scene would have taken place in the movie, even though it doesn’t. Promotional shot, or alternate take? It’s unclear because even though all four characters are fighting together, in the climax of the movie, they’re rarely all in the exact same place. In other words, the most badass team-up shot from the trailers, never, in fact, happens.

Thor’s Hammer Isn’t Destroyed in New York City. At All.

Here’s the big one. The scene from the trailers that feels like intentional misdirection. Thor is on the streets of New York City, encounter the Goddess of Death, Hela (Cate Blanchett) who properly destroys his hammer and blows up a city block in Manhattan. Except, in the film, it doesn’t happen. However, nearly the exact same scene does occur, only Hela and Thor and Loki are all in Norway. In other words, the backgrounds are all swapped out to be Norway instead of New York City. Was this an intentional misdirection of the trailers? Or was it a decision that was changed late in the process?

Perhaps moving the Hela/Thor/Loki showdown to Norway was important because of the sheer number of superheroes who already live in New York City. Because if Hela is having a showdown with Thor in NYC, it seems like Doctor Strange would run over to help. Or Iron Man. Or Jessica Jones. Or..

Thor: Ragnarok is out in now.

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