How to Get the 'Stranger Things' Season 2 Soundtrack Easter Egg on Spotify

It'll turn your listening Upside Down.


To honor the upcoming release of Stranger Things Season 2, the music streaming platform Spotify has released a spooky Easter egg for fans, and it’s turning everyone’s listening experience Upside Down.

Netflix’s sci-fi/fantasy hit Stranger Things involves an alternate dimension with a monster the kids at the center of the story name the Demogorgon (after their favorite Dungeons & Dragons enemy). Season 1 revolves around the abduction of one boy, Will Byers, who spends much of the season trapped in a terrifying parallel dimension they call the “Upside Down” full of ash spores, creepy mist, and root-like tendrils everywhere. In Season 2, Will is plagued by flashing visions of the Upside Down despite being back in the real world. It makes for a perfect way to corrupt your Spotify music player.

The Easter egg currently running only on Spotify’s web player transforms the window with a re-skin adding mist, ash, and creepy organic vine growths everywhere. Everything goes dark and the song progress bar becomes a rotating flashlight.

Welcome to the Upside Down.Corey Plante

All you need to do to trigger the transformation is play the official soundtrack for Stranger Things first or second season. After a few seconds, everything will change — but as soon as you move the cursor again it all vanishes. It sounds a bit like the visions plaguing Will Byers in Season 2, which makes for some pretty creepy stuff.

In the past, Spotify has done similar re-skins for Star Wars, turning the progress bar into an expanding lightsaber for Rogue One. Who knows what Spotify might do next, but if the platform has a partnership with Stranger Things akin to what they have for Star Wars, then Season 2 of Netflix’s darling show has a lot to live up to.

Stranger Things Season 2 hits Netflix on October 27, 2017.

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