How to Throw Together a 'Rick and Morty' Costume for Halloween

Time to riggity riggity wreck the competition.

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With Halloween so close, there’s no better time to finalize your epic plans for a Rick and Morty cosplay. Before you freak out and close that inter-dimensional portal for good, know that we’ve got you covered.

Season 3 wrapped up less than a month ago, so you might as well do something to inspire your ferocious and precocious appetite for Rick and Morty, by coming up with the best costume you can in as little time as possible.

Assuming you haven’t already made a Rick and Morty costume for a Comic-Con over the past six months or even for one of your several visits to the Rickmobile, you might have your work cut out for you by waiting until the last minute. But hey, that’s what Amazon Prime is for, right?

Get online shopping right now with these helpful tips:

A good photo to reference, because it actually includes both of their feet.

Adult Swim

First step? Find yourself a Morty. Any Morty will do, because they’re all the same, right? All you need is a friend, significant other, or even child to slap on a few simple articles of clothing, and you’re good.

You can have them look the part using the following:

Go with some white Vans.

A Sneaker Life

White Shoes and White Socks

You don’t often see Morty’s feet on the show, but he always wears white socks and shoes. If you don’t have white socks, then you have more pressing matters to deal with than your Halloween costume.

For shoes, feel free to go with the lightest sneakers you have, and most people won’t notice the difference. But if you really want to class it up, go with some white Vans, and you can dress up as Damn Daniel on the second night of Halloween.

Below the belt, this is a solid start Morty costume.

Dark Blue Jeans

Morty’s pants are a darker blue, and though they appear as a solid color in animated form, it’s safe for us to assume that they are in fact denim. Feel free to go with whatever blue pant or jeans you have, but if you are buying specifically for the costume, Amazon — and a million other retailers — has tons of options.

Random bits of advice if you do buy: Morty’s a skinny kid, and his jeans appear rather slim, so you might want to aim for straight leg or slimmer.

The perfect Morty shirt is really cheap to get.


Pale Yellow T-Shirt

A common mistake in Morty costuming comes from a shirt that’s too brightly colored. Morty does not wear a bright shirt. It’s a paler shade of yellow, fits a bit loosely, and it does not have a chest pocket. Lucky for you, Amazon has the perfect shirt.

Now that's commitment.

Spirit Halloween

Morty Mask

If you really want to commit, go for a full-on Morty mask that’s hella creepy.

For the main event, here’s everything you need for the perfect Rick Sanchez costume from the bottom up:

Rick would clearly choose function over form.

Palladium Boots

Black Shoes

The animation on the show is too simple for us to really know what kind of black shoe Rick wears, but it hardly matters when the top-half of your body is going to be this good. Wear shoes as close to these great Palladium boots ($65) as possible, but you know what? If your shoes are bright red nobody will care. Try to get in some white socks, though.

The best color and fit for your bottoms.


Medium Brown Pants

Similarly obscured by simplified animation, Rick’s pants allow you some breathing room when it comes to your costume. You should still aim for a brown pant that favors function over form. Rick doesn’t care what he looks like, so neither should you. Get something that matches the color and is comfortable.

Amazon has plenty of options for all sizes, but some slim fit Dockers khakis might be best.

Observe how the belt buckle improves an otherwise bad choice of pants.

Black Belt with Gold Buckle

The belt might seem unimportant, but as the above picture demonstrates, it’s probably more important than your pants. Rick clearly has a black belt with a larger gold buckle, but unless you want to go cartoonish with a sizeable golden square above your waist, just wear whatever black belt you have. Bonus points if the buckle is large.

This shirt is cheap, but don't mess up the color.


Light Blue T-Shirt

Much like Morty’s shirt, the essence of a proper Rick shirt is all about the color. Rick’s shirt is a pale shade of blue, but it’s also vaguely teal. When it comes to color, the essential thing to consider is the difference between Rick’s shirt and hair: Rick’s blue hair is a pale pastel shade of blue, but his shirt has hints of green in it. Overall, he color of the shirt is slightly more vibrant than his hair.

You should be able to grab an affordable one via Amazon.

This coat works pretty well.

Lab Coat

If your options are limited to Amazon, your best and most affordable option for a lab coat is this one, as it’s cheap and Prime eligible. In the ideal world, you’ll want the coat to run below your knees.

Here are your two best options.



Most outlets reference a “spiky anime show party costume hair wig” (right above) easily found on Amazon. But there’s an even cheaper option with a slightly crazier look that’s both longer and spikier. With that one, you can style it or trim it yourself, but it’ll require some work at half the price.

Bonus: Try to get a matching unibrow by purchasing a kit of blue mustaches.

Any Rick worth their salt has their own portal gun.


Portal Gun,

If you want to look really cool, spring for the Funko replica Portal Gun. You can also opt for a Hot Topic Laser Gun or even just a generic, stainless steel flask.

Better yet? Grab all three of these and you’ll be a perfectly equipped Rick.

These tried and true tips well craft you into the standard Rick or Morty, but keep in mind that the show’s offered up an assortment of multidimensional variations on each character. You could be Cowboy Rick, Doofus Rick, and you can even dress your child up like Tiny Rick. If you want to go really crazy, make an attempt at Pickle Rick.

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