The Definitive Taxonomy of Funny Elon Musk Memes

Dreamworks' 'Madagascar'? Elon likes it. The phrase "gascar"? Nah, Elon hates it.

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For those who follow Elon Musk’s initiatives, including but not limited to Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and The Boring Company, the engineer and investor seems like a futurist’s godsend. The 46 year old billionaire is such a high profile visionary that you’ve probably heard of him, even if your idea of impressive tech is one of those plastic cassette tapes that lets you play your iPhone 5 through your shitty car’s speaker system.

Musk has long been a meme-able figure, though his interest in America’s technological future wasn’t solidified in a central joke structure before this week. Musk also has a history of quietly fav-ing memes, and meme creators tend to tag him in the hopes that he will descend from his pulpit and toss them a “like”.

It seems Musk memes began popping up when internet users began putting the CEO’s face in place of Drake in the still-popular “Drake Approves” template. Putting a happy-looking Drake next to an image, followed by an unhappy looking Drake next to a similar image is colloquially called “Drakeposting”, and people have been doing it consistently since the Hotline Bling music video first dropped in 2015.

What does Elon like?

First, here are the funniest memes about Musk’s likes and dislikes. You’ll notice that many of these memes are coming from the Instagram account, God-Emperor Musk, which actually shared Inverse’s take on Musk and Game of Thrones when we referenced its meme as part of our theory. The Musk fandom is an ouroboros.

Drake? Nope. Future? Yep.

Instagram / GodEmperorMusk

Elon the robot

These are the funniest memes suggesting that Elon Musk has become so far advanced in his ideology that he can no longer commune with regular human beings.

Elon memes for the advanced user

Here are the funniest meta and dank Musk memes, for true futurists and those who prefer their internet humor more bizarre than literal. Proceed with caution.

Imgur / godemperormusk

Finally, here is a brutal own that Elon doled out himself via Twitter. Perhaps the real Musk memes are the fools Musk destroys along the way.

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