This Video Was Too Weird, Even for Elon Musk: ‘Wigs Me Out’

'Some places in the world you really shouldn't pass out,' he said.

Getty Images / Bill Pugliano

Elon Musk might have big plans to go to Mars, end fossil fuels, and link our minds up with neural lace, but the natural world is one adventure slightly too far. The tech entrepreneur shared a video on his Twitter page Friday of a snake devouring its prey. Within a matter of seconds, though, Musk had deleted the tweet.

“Some places in the world you really shouldn’t pass out,” he said in the now-deleted tweet, which contained a link to a “9gagtweets” video.

“Wigs me out too much. Deleting…” he posted moments later. “But you can check it out on @9GAGTweets. Btw, this isn’t a video, like cliff diving or fake rocket landings, that matters if it’s reversed.”

While many of Musk’s fans responded with revulsion, commenting “I can’t unsee that” and “I’m not sleeping for a year,” others noted the fact that Musk apparently follows the 9GAG community, a social media website primarily used for sharing memes and other viral content.

The original video can be found below.

Rocket ships are weird, but perhaps not as weird as the food chain.

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