Netflix Shows the Whole Darth Vader Scene in 'Rogue One' Trailer

In a daring move, Netflix has put the entirety of the big Darth Vader ending scene from Rogue One on YouTube. We would put a spoiler alert here for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but the Netflix trailer sort of makes that moot.

On Wednesday, Netflix U.S. celebrated the first Star Wars movie ever coming to the streaming service with a “trailer” that is simply the scene from the end of the movie in which Vader kills everyone. This is strange for two reasons. First, this is potentially the one scene hardcore Star Wars fans will fast forward to when watching the movie on Netflix. Second, it’s basically a spoiler for the whole film.

In fairness, those who don’t know that Darth Vader slices and dices in the final scenes of Rogue One have probably been living underneath a space slug that lives inside of an asteroid. But still, it’s not like there were any trailers for The Force Awakens that were just the scene where Kylo Ren murders Han Solo. The question is: Why would Netflix put the money shot of Rogue One into the trailer to get people to watch it on Netflix?

Notably, the Darth Vader killing spree was a scene that came as a result of the Tony Gilroy-supervised reshoots on Rogue One. While Spencer Wilding played Darth Vader in the Mustafar castle scene, a different actor — Daniel Naprous — played Vader in this scene.

Rogue One is streaming now on Netflix.

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