First Han Solo Set Photos Look Like 'Empire Strikes Back'

When Han Solo and Chewbacca meet with Woody Harrelson’s unnamed, super-secret smuggler mentor, they’re gonna do it somewhere that looks like Cloud City. The first set photos from the Star Wars young Han Solo movie have leaked, and the aesthetic strongly evokes The Empire Strikes Back.

On Sunday, TMZ posted leaked photos and video footage from the Han Solo movie. These images are thought to have been taken before Ron Howard took over directing the film, but that detail remains unconfirmed.

In one of the shots, Alden Ehrenreich can be clearly seen rocking a brown jacket, while Harrelson is wearing a longer grey duster. Classic ‘70s era Star Wars belt buckles are everywhere. Also, Chewbacca, Han, and someone else are on a moving platform, which looks a lot like Cloud City, from a design perspective anyway. And, it’s possible that what we’re looking at here is an earlier version of Cloud City, since that’s supposedly where Han and Lando had their famous card game that led to Lando losing ownership of the Millennium Falcon.

One of the photos also looks to have captured Emilia Clarke, too. And if it is her, that white dress is very Princess Leia.

Top: Ehrenreich, Harrelson, and Clarke. Bottom: Chewbacca, Ehrenreich, Harrelson, and another character on a moving platform.


In a leaked video on TMZ, this room (or maybe a different room) has the look and feel of a place where someone is keeping trophies or artifacts. (Think the Collector’s lair from Guardians of the Galaxy.) If this is a spot where priceless objects are stored, maybe Han and Chewie are there to steal something?

Fans of Star Wars, and Han Solo in specific, should be excited by these images. Because if Han Solo and Chewbacca are going back to Cloud City — for the first time — then this could be the standalone Star Wars movie that becomes your favorite Star Wars movie. As Han Solo said once, “Here’s where the fun begins.”

The Han Solo movie is expected for a theatrical release on May 25, 2018.

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