KFC Brought Hodor Back From the Dead for a 'GoT' Parody Ad


Hodor’s tragic death at the hands of dozens of frantic wights was one of the saddest moments of Game of Thrones’s sixth season. But, even though he did his duty and faithfully held that damn door, it looks like Hodor’s work isn’t over. KFC brought him back to life for a new commercial that parodies the gut-wrenching scene.

The ad, which KFC UK and Ireland shared on its Twitter account, stars Kristian Nairn, the Northern Irish actor who played Hodor on the hit HBO show. He’s a KFC employee working behind the counter just as the lunch rush starts. He’s almost instantly besieged with a horde of hungry people demanding “chicken and fries.” The subtext — one that KFC might not have intended — is that people who order fast food are mindless zombies. Something to think about.

Anyway, Nairn turns around, looking very much like a 21st Century version of Hodor bracing the door in that GoT episode. There isn’t any time travel shenanigans or a reveal of a pre-ordained destiny, but Nairn’s repeated mantra of “chicken and fries” does eventually give way to something new. This goes without saying, but it’s not nearly as emotional as hearing the first-ever “Hodor” was.

KFC recently launched a chicken sandwich into space as another marketing stunt, which proves that the company really knows how to get free media. Sorry.

Game of Thrones Season 7 will premiere on July 16.

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