KFC "Watt a Box" Meal-Deal Charges Your Phone While You Eat

Fuel for your body (debatable), and phone (also debatable)!

If, like me, you’ve ever found yourself alone in a Kentucky Fried Chicken halfway through a family-size bucket of assorted chicken pieces, searching in vain for a wet wipe to clean off the mixture of grease, sweat, and tears from your fingers and face, only to realize your phone is dead and there is no way to call for help — take heart: KFC is here. Its new meal box comes with a phone charger.

The bad news: the “Watt a Box” is only available at select locations in New Delhi and Mumbai, and you have to win it in a contest. And even if you do, BGRIndia discovered that the box doesn’t really charge phones that well. However, if it’s the difference between phone life and death, the Watt a Box is a savior. After 30 minutes of charging, its supposedly 6,100 milliampere hour battery put 17 percent charge into the phone, which isn’t bad, but completely wiped out the power supply on the box. So the free toy (or tool) in your KFC meal won’t be a replacement for an actual power bank (though it is rechargeable, and you can remove it from the box, so you’re not carrying around a grease-covered shame token). It also comes with a free micro-USB cord and iPhone cable, which, to be honest, is always going to be useful. It also comes with, apparently, a chicken sandwich and some … fries? Other parts of the chicken? We’re not sure. There’s also a drink.

This isn’t the first time KFC has loaded its meal deals with technology, either — last summer, it debuted a chicken bucket that doubled as a bluetooth Polariod printer.

We’re also not completely convinced this isn’t a beta program for new, all-robotic KFCs, or an attempt to make inroads with the cyborg demographic. Either way, we now know that India’s fast food ads are slightly more charming than the disgusting or blatantly sexist fast food advertisements in America.

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