'Life Is Strange' Prequel Revealed at E3 2017

Ever wanted more about Rachel and Chloe?

It’s time to return to — Oregon? For Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, a follow-up to 2015’s episodic hit Life Is Strange, players will reconnect with Maxine Caulfield.

On Sunday afternoon at E3 2017, during the Microsoft conference which unveiled the Xbox One X, the trailer for Life Is Strange: Before the Storm premiered. This prequel will tell the story of Rachel and Chloe before the events of the first game. Told in three episodes, the first will be released on August 31, 2017.

At just over a minute and 30 seconds long, the quick edit of scenes in the new trailer didn’t reveal much of the plot. But it will predominantly focus on Rachel and Chloe before Rachel’s disappearance, which was a plot point in the original Life Is Strange.

In 2015, Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix released Life Is Strange, an episodic narrative game that told the story of Max, a student who discovers she has the power to rewind time.

Max foresees a storm that will come and destroy her town, and she does everything she can to prevent it from happening. Not unlike the games from studio Telltale Games, Life Is Strange features a branching narrative formed by player’s conversations. There are also fetch quests and puzzle solving. The game has a unique setting of modern-day America, in a fictional town in Oregon.

See the trailer for Life Is Strange: Before the Storm below.

The first episode of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm will be released on August 31, 2017.

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