'Arrow' Actor Wants Fans to Rally for a Deathstroke Spin-Off


The man behind the mask of Deathstroke in the Arrowverse — actor Manu Bennett — would kill for a Deathstrike spin-off, and he’s apparently not the only one.

All it took was a gentle nudge from a fan on Twitter for the actor to tag the many key figures that would be needed to make a spin-off happen, namely DC Comics (@DCComics) and Warner Bros. (@WarnerBrosEnt), and the more obvious Greg Berlanti (@GBerlanti) and Marc Guggenheim (@mguggenheim), who are both key writers and producers for the DC Comics programming on The CW.

Curiously enough, Bennett also tagged Netflix. While the platform would be a highly unlikely host for any sort of spin-off, Netflix does have a long-term streaming deal with The CW to stream shows like The Flash and Arrow.

Bennett made his debut on Arrow as Slade Wilson in Season 1 flashbacks, and he went on to be the chief villain of Season 2 as a superpowered Deathstroke in the shows then-current setting. Bennett also recently reprised the role in the Arrow Season 5 finale to the delight of fans, playing a crucial role as a temporary ally to Oliver Queen, which has fans clamoring for more via Twitter.

Here’s Bennett’s response:

Bennett’s long had a strong presence on Twitter, having tried to deny rumors of his character’s return to Arrow earlier this year after set photos surfaced. The “rumors,” of course, turned out to be true, unlike the faceless doppelgänger that appeared in a dreamlike simulation sequence included as part of Arrow’s 100th episode, which aired as part of the “Invasion!” crossover.

Whether or not a Deathstroke spin-off comes to fruition (and, uh, don’t hold your breath based off of this one tweet), we can still hope that Manu Bennett will bring his character back to Arrow more frequently in Season 6 and beyond.

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