The 5 Biggest Questions for 'The Flash' Season 4

"Who is Savitar?" is thankfully not one of them.

'The Flash'

The end of The Flash’s third season traded one death for another, ultimately fulfilling Savitar’s prophecy in ways that we couldn’t have expected.

But despite huge shakeups for Team Flash, and if we learned anything from Flashpoint, it’s that these kinds of earth-shattering alterations can (and probably will) be reversed in a couple of episodes — especially if the “official” synopsis for the season is to be believed.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has already teased that Season 4 will not feature a speedster villain, and if Abra Kadabra’s cryptic pseudo-prophesy is any indication, the name “DeVoe” might have something to do with Season 4.

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If there’s one thing that history has taught us, it’s that the first half of every season of The Flash provides closure on one ongoing plotline before setting up a conflict with the season’s Big Bad in the mid-season finale. We saw as much with Reverse-Flash, Zoom, and then Savitar.

These things considered — coupled with what we know in the wake of the Season 3 finale — here are five of the biggest questions left hanging for Season 4 of The Flash:

Warning, spoilers follow for the Season 3 finale of The Flash.

Will Grant Gustin Be Back in Season 4?

Particularly if we’re to believe the Season 4 synopsis, Barry will be back sooner rather than later on The Flash. A lot of time might pass between the Season 3 finale and the Season 4 premiere, both in-universe and out, which was the case with the Flashpoint gap between Season 2 and 3. By “Paradox”, the second episode of Season 3, Flashpoint was essentially undone entirely.

Sure, there were major repercussions that impacted the rest of the season, and that will almost certainly be the same for Season 4. But, we can almost guarantee that Barry Allen and Grant Gustin will be back.

Jesse Quick has been protecting Earth-3 since Jay Garrick got stuck in the Speed Force in “Into the Speed Force.”

'The Flash'

Now That Jay’s Back, Will Jesse Come Back to Earth-1?

In “Into the Speed Force,” Earth-3 speedster Jay Garrick took Wally’s place in the Speed Force trap that was originally made for Savitar. Because of some unexplained mechanism, a speedster always has to be trapped in the Speed Force now. Rather than let Barry do it, Jay gallantly reminded him that “every marathon” has to come to an end.

But in the final battle of the Season 3 finale, Cisco’s retrofitted version of the Speed Force bazooka turned out to be a Speed Force Skeleton Key of sorts that released Jay. Three speedsters teamed up to take on Savitar while two breachers bested Killer Frost, and, ultimately, they prevailed.

With Garrick back in the mix, Earth-3 has its Flash back, so where will Jesse go? It seems all but inevitable that she’ll help Wally and her father out on Earth-1.

Will Wally suit up in red or wear his classic yellow costume?

'The Flash'

Will Wally Become the Flash or Will He Stay Kid-Flash?

In DC comics canon, Barry Allen does indeed find himself trapped in the Speed Force for decades. During that time, Wally West, aka Kid Flash, takes up both the Flash mantle and the costume. Now, it seems like that might also have to happen in the Arrowverse.

So, will The Flash show Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally West doing the same? He was, after all, the main Flash for an entire generation of comics readers.

Will Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) be stuck as Killer Frost forever?

'The Flash'

What Will Killer Frost / Caitlin Snow Do in Season 4?

The last few episodes of Season 3 saw Killer Frost’s cold heart thawing just a little bit, and in the final battle she turned against Savitar and was instrumental in his defeat. At H.R.’s funeral, she showed up looking like some sort of middle ground between Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost — Caitlin Frost, perhaps? She refuses the “cure” that would “rewrite her meta-DNA” and also shies away from being called Caitlin. Her potentially former friends note that she isn’t Killer Frost anymore either.

If she’s not a killer ice villain but also not a biologist and doctor with S.T.A.R. labs, where will she go from here?

Abra Kadabra had some secrets from the future to tell.

'The Flash'

Will DeVoe Show Up in Season 4?

When Abra Kadabra came to town to harass Barry and co., he teased that he knew Savitar’s identity, but he also namedropped “DeVoe” in a list of Flash’s greatest foes. Fans of the Flash and other DC comics might recognize DeVoe as the surname for the villain, the Thinker, who used his famed Thinking Cap to outsmart Flash and other heroes. Coupled with the tease that Season 4 will not feature a speedster villain, it seems increasingly likely that some form of DeVoe will show up.

During the Season 3 finale, as Savitar strolled through one of the rooms at S.T.A.R. Labs, he mentioned that it was the place where they built the “neural inhibitor to use against DeVoe” to the bewilderment of Iris and Barry, so The Flash really wants us to think something with DeVoe is coming. A “neural inhibitor” also sounds like the perfect pseudoscientific countermeasure to a villain with a Thinking Cap that increases intelligence.

The Flash Season 3 hits Netflix on May 31, with Season 4 likely kicking off early October 2017.

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