Did Someone Really Buy McDonald’s Szechuan Dipping Sauce for $15k?

Or is a 'Rick and Morty' fan just trying to trick everyone on eBay?


Much has been said about the mythic McDonald’s Mulan Szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce that was sold back in 1998, mainly because Rick Sanchez freaked out about it in the Rick and Morty Season 3 premiere, “The Rickshank Redemption.” And while since the April 1 premiere date, loads of fans have taken to eBay to sell “photos” of the sauce to varying degrees of success, almost no legit packets of the mystical sauce have appeared — that is, supposedly, until now. Supposedly.

Located in Ipswich, United Kingdom, the eBay seller going by “mavericmedi_0” (who, by the way, has almost no user feedback) closed a deal selling his packet of the stuff for a cool USD $14,700.00. That’s nowhere near the bizarre, charity-driven sale of a photo of the sauce that went as high as $55,100.00, but at least this one seems to actually be attempting to sell some legit sauce.

The listing description is as follows:

I just bought a really old car, while cleaning it I found a packet of this sauce. After watching the recent episode of Rick and Morty I went online to see if it was worth anything. Turns out it was. Also this comes with a packet of wasabi as well.
I hope somebody who wants to eat some 20 year old gnarly sauce gets this.. I would prefer not to sell it to a collector.

Though there are 187 bids dragging the price of the sauce up from its humble beginnings at $10.00, every single bid is from the same user “u**h,” who literally has zero* feedback on his account. The two eBay users might just be in cahoots.

It does sound too good to be true that somebody somewhere on this planet would just happen to buy a 20-year-old used car to find a gently preserved package of a promotional McDonald’s sauce shortly after the product’s fame skyrocketed.

So, you heard it here once again: Those McDonald’s Szechuan sauces on eBay are all fake.

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